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Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Approved for Cinnaminson Route 130

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Approved for Cinnaminson Route 130
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A new Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers fast food restaurant was approved last month for Cinnaminson, to be developed on Route 130 in front of the newer Extra Space Storage facility.

Freddy’s is a cooked-to-order retro themed burger restaurant where the “Freddy’s Way” of preparing the burger is a thinly pressed patty, which gives it crispy edges, and is finished with their famous steak burger and fry seasoning.

They also offer a variety of ice cream treats including delicious shakes, ice cream cones, sundaes and concretes (ice cream mixes).

Freddy’s french fries are a thin shoestring style, and the restaurant is famous for their Freddy’s Fry Sauce which it’s perfect to dip your fries in… or even put on your burger if you like! They even sell it in bottles to go!

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers was approved for Route 130 in Cinnaminson, NJ

This would be the first Freddy’s in our South Jersey region (there is one in Toms River), although I am just learning that one is planned for Burlington, NJ! They have a location in Brookhaven PA which I’ve visited… so keep reading to see what the place is really all about!

This would be an all new construction building situated right on Route 130 at the turn-in point of the shopping center which leads into the Extra Space Storage property on the right, and to the left is the K1 Speed Indoor Kart track.

Freddy’s will be developed in that long strip of grass which runs along the entranceway in front of the storage facility.

Update: I’ve been told unofficially that the owner spoke at the Planning Board meeting and said he was hoping to be open in the Spring of 2024!

Many will remember the storage facility as an Acme supermarket, which had closed at the location around 2011.

Freddy’s Steakburgers was approved for a lot on Rt 130 in Cinnaminson, in front of the Extra Space Storage building (former Acme)

Back in 2019 the owner of this space was approved to convert the former supermarket space into a storage facility. They were also approved to build three out-parcels in front of the building for additional businesses (considering a storage facility really doesn’t require a lot of parking, and there are also spaces in the back)

At the time of that meeting in 2019, it was known that Children of America was to be one new building (along the property edge), which was developed and is open.  Additionally the center front pad space was approved for an IHOP restaurant at the time, but that has not moved forward.

If I were to categorize competitors for Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, I would have to put Sonic at the top of that list. And yes, many will note that the same connected parking lot at the far end has an existing Sonic.

Interestingly, most consumers would not be aware that this large and connected shopping center is actually split into two different ownership companies, so Sonic and Freddy’s seemingly have deals with different property owners.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Brookhaven PA.

I Visited Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburger

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers was cofounded 2002 by brothers Bill and Randy Simon, with their friend and business partner Scott Redler.

The restaurant was named after Bill and Randy’s father, who after serving in the Pacific Rim during World War II, return to Kansas and spent 56 years working in the hospitality industry.

In just a little over 20 years the brand has grown to over 450 locations in 35 states, with revenue totaling over $500 million as of 2019.

Freddy’s in Brookhaven PA is bright and inviting, with a retro “50’s” feel to it!

In March of 2021 private equity firm Thompson Street Capital Partners purchased Freddy’s with the goal to grow the brand further with additional locations, and increased same-store sales.

 As I mentioned at the start of the article I visited the Brookhaven PA location which opened about three years ago.

Honestly it’s a very cool looking fast food restaurant which definitely brings a 50s vibe to it, with a black and white checkered floor, retro red chairs with chrome legs, and a variety of 50s era themed accent pieces.

Freddy’s in Brookhaven PA has a large dining room which is styled to make thing The Fonz and Pottsy will walk through at any moment!

I’ve asked Cinnaminson for the site plans which I haven’t received as of yet, so I’m not 100% certain how closely the Route 130 location will be to Brookhaven… so keep that in mind as I describe my lunch visit in Pennsylvania!

I would say the Brookhaven restaurant is a fairly large space in the same size category of McDonald’s or Burger King.

It’s a large square dining room with a low partition wall that splits the seating into two sections. There is an area with booth seating, and then an open floor seating area with tables which blends into the counter areas.

The color scheme is primarily white with some black and chrome accents, but that’s really just the background palette for the bold red coloring that’s utilized throughout the building interior.

At any moment you’re expecting The Fonz to walk in and say “Sit on it!”

Freddy’s offers an ordering counter, which is separate from the food pickup counter. Everything is made-to-order so makes sense to separate!

The Freddy’s counter design consists of two distinct counters.

The larger counter to the left is for placing orders at the two cash registers, and overhead are three large digital menu screens.

Once your order is placed you are handed a receipt with a number, and you wait for your food to be ready.

Once your number is called you walk over to the second smaller counter area, where you pick up your food.

They really put a lot of detail into carrying the Freddy’s theme throughout the restaurant, as even the food service tray that I was given had the full Freddy’s graphics applied to it.

Consider that this restaurant has been operating for three years so they’ve probably replaced many of these trays multiple times, and they keep going back to the Freddy’s branded ones. No cutting corners at Freddy’s!

Freddy’s Original Double Steakburger Combo with their Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce!

The smart thinking layout continues because as soon as you get your food, you turn to the right and there’s a prep area to get drinks, soda lids, ketchup etc.

Oh and when you get your food don’t forget to ask for your fry sauce!!

The food menu offers a variety of steakburgers, patty melts, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and chicken tenders.

Freddy’s has done a great job carrying the theme through every aspect of the restaurant.

The extensive dessert menu offers sundaes, shakes and malts, waffle cones, and concretes… Which are blended ice cream flavors.

I went with a traditional Freddy’s Original Double with fries, prepared exactly as the Freddy’s standards would want it to be!

I found the burger to be delicious and fresh, and if I had to compare it to something we were more familiar with I’d say it’s in the style of a Shake Shack burger… the thin pressed patties and a crispy outer edge.

A Freddy’s Original Double Steakburger!

The fries were cooked perfectly, and are unique in that they are a very thin shoestring fry. I don’t know of any other fast food restaurants serving this style!

The fry sauce was very good and kind of reminded me of the Raising Cane’s “Cane Sauce”.

I’m not saying the Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce is going to fully replace ketchup for me when I visit Freddy’s again, but it is something I will try regularly.

You all know I do this for you guys right? And with that in mind… how can I visit a place with frozen custard in the name and not at least try the ice cream?

Freddy’s small chocolate milkshake, with whipped cream and a cherry! Literally the smoothest, creamiest milkshake I’ve ever had!

I went with a chocolate milkshake, and my order taker twisted my arm to get whipped cream and cherry on top.

And the shake was a pleasant surprise to me also! The ice cream was delicious and fresh and flavorful of course.. but it had a super ultra creamy texture that I just did not expect.   It was almost pudding-like!

Overall I enjoyed my lunch and it made my 35 minute drive to the restaurant worth the trip for me.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Brookhaven PA features a large dining area with awesome 50s retro styling

Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers Cinnaminson (Planned)
1107 Route 130 South
Cinnaminson NJ

Freddy’s Brookhaven PA (Open)
5051 Edgmont Ave
Brookhaven, PA 19015