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buybuy BABY Reopens in Cherry Hill’s Ellisburg Shopping Center

buybuy BABY Reopens in Cherry Hill’s Ellisburg Shopping Center
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Just a few months after closing all of their stores, buybuy BABY is making a comeback with 11 stores reopened, including one in Cherry Hill NJ at the Ellisburg Shopping Center.

buybuy BABY is a full baby product retailer with both brick-and-mortar locations and an Online store offering. They have a full lineup of baby products including strollers, car seats, clothing, toys and activity items, furniture, nursing/feeding and more.

buybuy BABY in Cherry Hill NJ has reopened! A large selection of baby products including strollers, car seats, toys and activity items, furniture, nursing/feeding and more.

Previously they were part of the Bed, Bath and Beyond family of companies, but all of the company’s brand closed this summer due to financial difficulties leading to Chapter 11 bankruptcy (42Freeway)

Soon after the store closings, the buybuy BABY brand was sold at auction. The new buyer has moved quickly to reopen the Cherry Hill location, as well as ten other stores. They have plans to open up to 120 stores in the next three years.

For Cherry Hill they have reopened in the exact same location they had previously. I stopped in a few days ago to check out the store.

buybuy BABY Cherry Hill NJ has reopened!

Probably not a surprise, but I was not a regular shopper at buybuy BABY so I don’t know how the new store and it’s inventory selection differs from the prior version.   What I saw this week was a well stocked store focused on key product categories… but maybe in one or two areas they shelves were a little lighter on products likely due to the store just recently opening and still working on filling out the inventory.

But if you’re in the market for baby products and I think the Cherry Hill buybuy BABY is definitely worth a visit.

The location for the store (Ellisburg Shopping Center) is on Route 70 in Cherry Hill at the King’s Highway intersection. This shopping center is known for a Whole Foods grocery, as well as other premium retailers and restaurants such as honeygrow.

buybuy BABY Cherry Hill NJ has reopened!

Buybuy BABY is Back!

buybuy BABY was originally one of several brands owned and operated by Bed, Bath and Beyond.

After a variety of financial challenges, the corporate Bed, Bath and Beyond company closed in the Summer of 2023 due to Chapter 11 bankruptcy, shuttering all of its brands including Bed, Bath and Beyond, Harmon Face Values and buybuy BABY .

Christmas Tree Shops was previously sold off from Bed, Bath and Beyond but unfortunately they also closed in 2023.

The baby registry is BACK, at buybuy BABY Cherry Hill NJ which recently reopened!

As part of the closing of Bed, Bath and Beyond… all assets were sold, and the individual brands (Intellectual Property) were sold off at auction.

The new owner of buybuy BABY is Dream On Me Industries, who is a long time supplier to buybuy BABY for cribs, strollers and other baby goods.

Dream On Me paid $15.5 million at auction for the intellectual property of buybuy BABY , which included the brand trademark, business data and Internet properties.

Baby clothing and more at buybuy BABY Cherry Hill NJ!

in a separate transaction they also bought the store leases of 11 different locations including Cherry Hill NJ…  and these 11 are the stores which just recently opened.

An August article at states that the company has plans to open up 100 to 120 stores over the next three years!

In a similar move, a different investor is working on bringing back the Harman brand. That private investor states that the Harmon stores never actually failed it, and it was more a problem at the corporate level. Harmon expects to reopen 5 stores in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania areas… with possibly more down the line.

buybuy BABY – Cherry Hill
Ellisburg Shopping Center
1590 Kings Highway North
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034