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Wow!  I just got done posting about the Don Pablo’s liquor license transferring to the shopping center property owner… and I mention that they were planning on extending the back of the property but I had no details.   Soon after posting, I find the Deptford Center online sales brochure from Metro Commercial which shows the Target/BJ’s shopping center doubling in size off the back of the property… and it clearly indicates TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Joanne Fabrics, and Home Sense as new tenants!!

To clarify the location.. this would be 1900 Deptford Center Road which currently houses the Deptford Target and BJ’s Warehouse Club.  In the back of the lot where the BJ’s gas station is, they would take over the NJDOT property and extend the shopping center back there.  It’s deceptively bigger than you expected!

While the buildings would be further off of Deptford Center Road, the new segment of the shopping center will have considerable frontage to Route 42 for signage (cars wont have direct access from Rt 42, but 10s of thousands will see the stores and signage every day as they drive by).

The listing is online as there will be additional store spaces available… but if the stores already listed are true, they already have a very strong foundation to build from.

We haven’t had a chance to confirm directly (not that representatives would respond), but this is a very straight forward online representation from a NJ licensed real estate firm.   The updated PDF shows a Spring 2020 opening date (which seems a little aggressive considering its almost August, and nothing has progressed).

The PDF siteplan attached to the Metro Commercial listing even provides a depiction of the new signage with all these stores listed, and a new name “Deptford Place”

I sat in a Planning Board meeting two years ago where the owner of the property which currently has TJ Maxx and Marshalls located, and the owner spoke those two tenants were happy with the location… but its clear that center is not thriving.  If these two large retailers move out, it will basically leave Ollie’s as the only main tenant.

HomeSense is described as “HomeGoods on steriods” and is part of the same corporate umbrella as TJ Max and Marshalls.  Deptford has become a hub for home decor stores with Home Goods, Pier One, Hobby Lobby, Christmas Tree Shops, Kirklands and more.  Plus, just a few miles away in Washington Twp the massive @Home store opens later this year.

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  1. why? time for this retailing madness to end. I guess the same crack engineer who designed the ingress/egress for Deptford Landing (where Sam’s/Walmart is) will do the same for this location. What is that anyway? I digress. As a person who moved away from this sort of expansion for newness’s sake, I might add that this is only the beginning. By the way, anyone ever get a ticket when turning off Deptford Center Rd onto 41 (a left) heading toward Runnemede? You do realize that the left turn lane can only accommodate about 3-4 cars and others queued in that lane usually sit on the cross hatched lane indicating a no entry. I guess that will never get fixed.

    1. I’m sad to see that TJ Maxx, Marshalls and JoAnn Fabrics leave Deptford Centre Shopping Center. I love that shopping center. There is always plenty of parking and has a beautiful view. I agree with Rooster about the current ingress/egress for Deptford Landing. It’s looks like the new site is going to be an ingress/egress disaster too. However, in spite of all of that, we are blessed that our economy is booming and more jobs will be created.

      1. Glad to hear that someone else has some issues with the traffic at these concentrated centers. I totally disagree with you Mary-Anne in regards to the jobs. There are not going to be many new jobs created as these are simply stores moving, not being newly introduced in the area. What I would like to see is the Deptford Crossing Shopping Center be turned into a health complex. A hospital, doctors offices, dentists, specialists, those things are needed and would fit in well, or if that can’t happen, tear it down and allow it to go back to nature, the way it should have stayed years ago.

        1. Of course, doctors, dentists, specialists would be pretty much moving (from elsewhere) and not being newly introduced in the area.

        2. Medical offices and a hospital??? Did you not see what those things did to Echelon Mall?? I’m sorry…Voorhees Town Center?? Well medical offices anyway but Virtua over there on Rt 73 in Voorhees has become its own city, it’s ridiculous what it took away land-wise and it’s a hospital so no tax ratables for Voorhees residents. Hospitals are tax exempt….not good for homeowners’ property taxes. That shopping center where Marshall’s is has become a run down eye sore, can’t blame those business for wanting to move out. Amazon is taking over that parking lot now, too. And HomeSense WILL bring new jobs. And a tax ratable.. A grocery store would be a great idea, it is much needed in that area.

  2. The only hope for Deptford centre shopping center is a Wegman’s!! Honestly any grocery store in there would be a relief.

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