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Video Update: Deptford Mall’s Round One and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Gloucester Township’s Dave & Busters (July 2020)

Video Update: Deptford Mall’s Round One and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Gloucester Township’s Dave & Busters (July 2020)

Video tour in the link of what’s coming soon to the Deptford Mall and Gloucester Premium Outlets! The video starts at the Deptford Mall with the telltale entryway to the new Round One Entertainment (and food/drink) center which is finalizing construction. It includes a BOWLING ALLEY in the Mall! Then we walk around the corner of the mall to see the Dick’s Sporting Goods location (and offers a targeted opening date!). Then we head 2 miles away to the Gloucester Premium Outlets’ new Dave & Buster’s location… and offer some insight on when D&B hopes to open!

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Ocean State Job Lot taking over Deptford's Toys R Us Building!


Thursday 16th of July 2020

Gosh I genuinely can't wait for all these shenanigans to be over. I'm gonna be spending so much time at Round1 it's not even funny. Super excited to see how its gonna stack up to the Exton location


Saturday 18th of July 2020

I'm glad there's excitement in the air ,we have all worked very hard on this project for months through all kinds of weather . The Dicks sporting goods is completed and turned over not far behind the crazy Round 1 which is due in two or three weeks out from now. There is also a new Comcast store on the corner between the two. We have made a lot of new friends and had tons of fun on this project . I personally will miss all the different personalities in the the field that made this construction family memorable. Thx John Kleva Mechanical Forman


Thursday 16th of July 2020

can't wait for another vacant eyesore in the old Toys R Us shopping center, deptford should make these stores that just move locations pay for the demolition and clearing of land when they leave a vacant building


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Why does Toys R Us and old Dicks buildings have to be demolished at all? they can be reused. I know of a new larger retailer coming to town.. havent figured out address yet but its definitely a building reuse, and I hope its one of those two


Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

The locations that those stores occupy are usually not owned by the retailer. They are simply just leasing the space. I'm sure they will find multiple tenants who want to occupy the space in such a prime location . The former Toys R us store is still vacant due to the fact they company as a whole wants to sell all of the stores together as a package deal.


Friday 17th of July 2020

Or we can just wait for another tenant to move into an already erected building. It really shouldn't look much different vacant as it does occupied. Why would we spend money to destroy a structure then spend money to rebuild another, unless its deemed unfit for usage?

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