Shoe Show Mega opening at Turnersville’s Walmart Cross Keys Commons Center. And Don’t Forget Shoe Bargain Warehouse!

These two stores must’ve been wearing their sneakers, cause they quietly snuck up on us!  The Cross Keys Commons shopping center a new shoe store with Shoe Show Mega opening this week, and last year Shoe Bargain Warehouse opened (but we missed them!).  Both stores are located across from Walmart…Shoe Bargain Warehouse is definitely open, and hearing from readers that Show Show Mega may actually open mid-week!  Sorry about the incorrect article title!

Shoe Show Mega

Some google searches indicate that Shoe Show Mega is a division of the Shoe Dept, which has a store nearby in the Deptford Mall.   A Feb 2020 article in Footwear news tells us that Shoe Show is actually the parent company, and they have over 1,100 shoe stores across a variety of brands.   

A look at their website shows they are a full shoe store, offering brands including; Fila, New Balance, Nike, Vans, and of course the full line of Women’s, Men’s and Kid’s shoes!

Website:  Shoe Show Mega

Shoe Bargain Warehouse

According to their Facebook page, Shoe Bargain Warehouse opened about a year ago, and offer “fashionable and trendy shoes for toddlers, children, and women at an affordable price! Come in today and check out our low prices! Who doesn’t love a great deal?!”.  

While the newer Shoe Show Mega touts being a part of a large national chain, the Facebook page of Shoe Bargain Warehouse gives a sense of a locally owned independent place.  Their Facebook page features frequent live streams with the employees who show off the current line of shoes, products and deals!   They seem to have a lot of fun with it, and make shopping and questions a personable experience!

I seem to have missed these guys last year… so giving them a shout out now.

Facebook: Shoe Bargain Warehouse


Both stores are located in the
Walmart / Cross Keys Commons Shopping Center
3501 Route 42
Turnersville, NJ 08012

Nice signings for the Brixmor Cross Keys Commons folks…  as they recently added Dollar Tree, and Mr Liquors.  And we still have one more post to come!



4 thoughts on “Shoe Show Mega opening at Turnersville’s Walmart Cross Keys Commons Center. And Don’t Forget Shoe Bargain Warehouse!”

  1. I’m the manager over at ShoeBargain not the owner and one of the other employees Deanna doing the lives every week 🙂

    • Thanks for reaching out! I updated the post (to remove the “owner”?) part. Honestly rare to see someone (Deanna) working so enthusiastic selling shoes… I thought she had to be the owner!

  2. Oh no I completely agree! She is a very big asset to our company! We love having her on our team. I only wish to hire more employees like her in the future! I myself (Liz) am the manger Deanna is one of our employees who is in charge of our social media and marketing! We love how enthusiastic she is and of course is why we have her in charge of all of the marketing….we of course have another employee helping us in the store!!
    We are currently hiring so anyone who would love to join our fun hardworking atmosphere please feel free to send me your resume at!!!
    Thank you so much again for our shoutout!!! We hope to see more positive reviews from your page 🙂

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