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Tractor Supply Proposed for Pennsville – Near Walmart

Tractor Supply Proposed for Pennsville – Near Walmart
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A Tractor Supply retail store is proposed for Pennsville NJ on South Broadway (Rt 49) at Chestnut Lane about 1,000 feet South of the Walmart shopping center.

The proposed Tractor Supply would be developed on that corner, with the existing Add-Vantage Self Storage located immediately next to it.

The Tractor Supply development will take place on two lots and the development will be fronted along S. Broadway. That being said one of the lots does extend down Chestnut Lane to the next corner, but most of the rear of the lot will remain undeveloped with this project. (See depiction for more clarity)

A new Tractor Supply store is proposed for Pennsville on Rt 49, just South of the Walmart Store. RED shows the store development area. The GREEN shows the remaining portions of the lots that are not being developed.

Tractor Supply is a large retail chain of stores which sells products for home improvement, agriculture, lawn and garden, livestock, horse and pet care.  Their customer base typically targets recreational farmers and ranchers, pet owners and land owners. 

For the proposed Pennsville Store the town’s Planning Board will hold a public hearing on the application on January 22nd at 7:00 PM, at the Pennsville Municipal Building.

This all new construction building will consist of a 21,930 square foot Tractor Supply retail store building,  an outdoor fenced in area off to the side (garden center and larger bulk items), and a customer parking area.

This building would be about 3,000 square feet larger than a recently opened location in West Berlin, NJ.  Both stores have a similar building width, but the proposed Pennsville store will be about 20 feet deeper.

The Pennsville property will be developed so that the building entrance faces the Route 49 roadway, with the parking lot positioned in front of the building.

The proposed Tractor Supply store for Pennsville will face S.Broadway/Rt 49, and include a fenced in outdoor area.

The main driveway entrance will be on Route 49 closer to the adjacent storage facility business.  A secondary entrance will be on Chestnut Lane, in line with the driveway across the street for the Ashcraft Funeral Home.

The outdoor garden center and extended fenced in area will be on the Chestnut Lane side of the property.

It appears that the truck delivery entrance would be on the opposite side of the building closer to the storage unit business.  A wedge of open space will remain between Tractor Supply and the storage facility, as Tractor Supply is positioned perpendicular to Route 49, whereas the storage building was developed on an angle.

A recently opened Tractor Supply store in West Berlin (weeks before it opened) shows the style of the buildings. The proposed Pennsville store will likely have a similar look to it, but will be 20 feet deeper.

Tractor Supply is looking for a preliminary and final site plan approval for the project, which will require approvals of several variance requests.

Variance requests include signage (which is almost always listed in any hearing), fence height for the outdoor area,  traffic circulation within the parking area, deceleration lane for the property entrance and the number of parking spaces provided.

Tractor Supply – American Success Story

Tractor Supply is an American retailer offering a product mixed targeted at recreational farmers, ranchers, homeowners, gardeners, pet enthusiasts and more.

In South Jersey they have 10 locations currently open. 

One thing I find admirable about the company is they are able to find success in more rural areas where it seems other large corporations are less likely to invest in.

Absolutely with a product mix targeting a rural lifestyle, they would want to be close to the customer base with larger properties and livestock, but consider that all Tractor Supply stores are new construction projects costing several million dollars…  well I appreciate that they’ve been able to find success in more rural areas.

A variety of products offered at Tractor Supply (Random images I had on my Phone from the Cross Keys store!)

While the company’s products target a more simpler lifestyle focused on optimizing a homeowner’s outdoor experiences, as well as pet-care, their successes in that marketplace have led them to becoming a very significant US Corporation.

Started 85 years ago, Tractor Supply now has 2,200 stores in 49 States.

They have more than 50,000 employees, are traded on the NASDAQ stock market, and are ranked 291 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US Corporations (based on revenue).

Each store carries between 15,000 to 20,000 products, including work and recreational clothing, lawn and garden tools, home goods, fencing, truck beds, chicken coops, pet food, and feed for farm animals.

They also try to adjust the product mix to support any unique aspects of the store’s region… which could be 15% of the inventory.

Site plan for the proposed Pennsville NJ Tractor Supply store.

Their 2020 SEC 10K form indicates that livestock and pet supplies account for 47% of their sales followed by hardware, tools and truck supplies at 21% and then seasonal, gift and toy products also at 21%

Tractor supply has over a dozen of their own exclusive brands across all of the product categories.

Tractor Supply opens about 70 new stores a year, and things are going well for them as in a recent earnings call the stated they are increasing the number of store openings each year with a target of having 3,000 locations. (Retail TouchPoints)

Tractor Supply Pennsville (Proposed)
Rt 49 and Chestnut Lane
Pennsville NJ

Pennsville Planning Board Hearing
January 22, 2024 at 7:00 p.m
Pennsville Municipal Building
90 North Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070

Tractor Supply Website