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Three Week Closure for Two Mile Section of Berlin-Cross Keys Road Starts 

Three Week Closure for Two Mile Section of Berlin-Cross Keys Road Starts 
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For just over three weeks, a two mile section of Berlin-Cross Keys Road will be closed starting today, through December 21st.  This is being done to facilitate the reconstruction and widening of the Cross Keys roadway.

The closure will be from from New Brooklyn-Erial Road to Turnersville-Hickstown Road (which are equidistant from the Camden County Technical School).  These two roadways are also being used as detour routes, with traffic then moving between the two on Erial-Clementon Road.

This is a full 24-hour road closure during the 23 days of construction.

Local traffic will be permitted, however no vehicular traffic will be allowed East of the Camden County Technical School. Attendees of the Camden County Technical Schools should access it from Cross Keys at Kearsley Rd.

This section of Berlin-Cross Keys Road is a more challenging aspect of the current phase rebuild and widening phase, which requires a full road closer in this area for over 3 weeks.

This section/contract of the larger Cross Keys Road rebuild project started in September of 2022 and will widen 1.25 miles of the roadway.   The detoured section is longer than that distance, based on roads being available for the detour access.

This information comes from Camden County, and was shared by the Gloucester Township Police Department on Facebook. (Facebook)

Camden County NJ document showing the Berlin-Cross Keys Rd closure and detour routes. The detour starts today Nov 28th 2023 and extends until Dec 21st

Berlin-Cross Keys Road Widening

The Berlin-Cross Keys Road project to widen and rebuild 5 miles of roadway, is a multiple year effort to rebuild the roadway with two lanes in each direction as well as a center turn lane.

This project was necessary as development of residential and commercial projects in the area over the most recent decades, has created considerably more traffic through the Camden County roadway. The Cross Keys Road improvements are expected to support a larger traffic capacity into the future, while also making it’s use safer for drivers.

Back on November 15th I provided an update on the Cross Keys Rd. Project and delays in the latest segment.  Commuters and readers had noticed the work stoppage at the site, as well as the removal of construction equipment.

The current Cross Keys road redevelopment segment back in January 2023, showing utility crews working on “telephone poles” which were moved back further from the roadway.

The 42Freeway coverage from two weeks ago explains the technical foundation challenges found in the area east of the Camden County Technical school, down to Sharp’s Branch Creek.

If you are looking for more details on those challenges, as well as an update on the separate Somerdale Road bridge rebuild, you can read that article here.

Unfortunately at the time I had written that construction update article, it was not determined that the Cross Keys roadway would need to be closed.   I likely missed the closure decision by a day.

The Patch news website did have the closure news online in the same timeframe as my coverage of the project delay and restart.

A completed section of the Berlin-Cross Keys Road widening effort.

Berlin-Cross Keys Road Rebuild and Widening
Road Close: Between New Brooklyn-Erial Road to Turnersville-Hickstown Road
Gloucester Twp NJ