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Missing Moves Bellmawr Route Explainer Video 

Missing Moves Bellmawr Route Explainer Video 
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The $180 million Missing Moves road project in Bellmawr is expected to open before the end of the year.

This article gives a very brief overview of the roadway path but a strongly suggest you check out the video at the bottom, where I use recent Google Maps satellite images to explain the need for the project, and how we will be driving on it.

I’ve been covering this all along the development timeframe but it seems that when I stated in my most recent web article it was opening soon, it caused many readers to reach out to me saying “I honestly still don’t understand this roadway”

The good news is once you make the decision to get on to one of the new ramps, there is nothing to decide. They take you to your one destination!

Missing Moves Bellmawr Road Explainer. Video at the bottom of article

If you’re unaware of the Missing Moves project, it started in 2020 and is a completely new roadway in Bellmawr NJ which runs along the edge of the landfill.

It’s primary goal is to connect together Route 42 and 295, to fill in the traffic movements that we have never been able to do directly on the two highways.

For the last 60 plus years (as long as 295 and 42 have been opened) there are two key traffic movements that we have not been able to drive directly between the roadways without exiting the highways and traveling several miles of local roads before getting back on the highway.

Missing Moves Bellmawr fills in these two key traffic patterns

  • Route 42N to 295S
  • 295N to 42S
Top section with Red lines indicates traffic patterns we’ve never been able to do. The bottom image shows the new Missing Moves project

This effort is absolutely related to the larger Direct Connection project to the North which has been underway for over 10 years, BUT…

… the Missing Moves segment was awarded just three years ago with a completely separate budget, and has been moving at a very quick construction pace which appears to be on time, within its original estimate.

Right now there are many large road projects taking place in South Jersey, and the Missing Moves project is unique because as already mentioned we’re getting a brand route for driving, which will significantly improve travel conditions for many in South Jersey and beyond.

Missing Moves Explainer Video

Click for YouTube link to open in a full page.

Or watch embedded in this web page below.

NOTE: The audio quality is crisp and clear but I uploaded it with the volume a little low. My apologies., always something. So you may have to turn the volume up on this one.

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