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Westwood Bar in West Deptford is Brand New, Offers Golf Course Views, And Open to the Public

Westwood Bar in West Deptford is Brand New, Offers Golf Course Views, And Open to the Public
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The Westwood Golf Club in West Deptford has opened their completely remodeled bar/restaurant… Westwood Bar! Everything about the bar and banquet area is new and beautiful, and they are in the final stages of remodeling the back patio deck which looks out over the golf course! And yes, the Westwood Bar is open for the public!

The new bar brings a modern yet classic look to the Westwood Golf Club! This was a full “gut the place” remodel where every surface, every fixture, every table.. is new! They also remodeled the adjoining banquet area which is perfect for smaller weddings and events.

Westwood Bar: All new dining area!

The Westwood bar opened just a week ago! We visited last weekend, just days after the opening and happened to time our visit ahead of the late golfers coming back off the course. So it was quiet for photos, but 42Freeway will change that once word is out about this new awesome place!

Well, full disclosure… the remodel was completed in early 2020… just as everything shutdown. So the owners and staff have been eagerly awaiting for the right time to finally open this beautiful new golf course restaurant. And that time is NOW!

Westwood Bar: Our Visit

We had a great time hanging and chatting with Manager Jeremiah and his staff… and yes the beer was cold, and the food delicious!

The golf club was founded in 1961 and sits on Kings Highway at the corner of Jessup Rd… just a mile from Woodbury’s Broad Street/Mantua Pike (take that angled Salem Ave turn at Rite-Aid). Across the street is the large Woodbury Memorial Park Cemetery

So we were a little deceived at first by the Golf Course Clubhouse building… don’t get me wrong, its a lovely building of red brick and classic stylings… Very classy, but not an exact match for the Westwood Bar interior photos I had seen!

As we pulled up we caught an employee who was just leaving at the end of her shift “Is this where the new bar is?”. With a big smile “yes! Come on in!”

And like Marty stepping out of the DeLorean and arriving in some time in the future… as we opened the door to the building and stepped in, we were instantly transported into the all new and modern Westwood Bar.

Views of the Golf Course, and the Patio seating is just through that door!

Well it’s a good time to note that… we also really appreciated the staff of the Westwood bar… everyone was full of smiles and friendly conversation, which was as impactful to my wife and I as the remodel and food were. Literally the entire staff was happy, pleasant and engaging… from the hostess, the bartender, and the kitchen staff who popped out to say hi! And damn… apologies for not catching everyone’s name!

The building is divided into two sections… the main bar/restaurant area is one room, and through a dividing door is the banquet side of the building. It seems all of the golf course functions are taken care of in the lower level.

Westwood Golf Course Banquet Area

While I wouldn’t say the main bar and restaurant area was large, it easily would hold 70 people or so?

I counted about 15 seats at the new bar, 4 booths, 4 full sized tables, and 8 two-seater high-tops which could be configured as larger seating arrangements.

Plus the patio deck will hold… I think Jeremiah said 20 more tables?!

The Westwood Bar is basically on the second floor.. the grade in the front is such that there are just a couple steps to enter, but on the back of the building you are clearly on the second floor, and a patio deck extends the full width of the building.

The patio entrance door is right from the bar area! At the time of our visit, the patio was not open yet as they were in the process of replacing the exterior carpet… which was facing some shipping delays.

The patio and bar areas have great views of rolling green hills of the golf course.

One of the views from the back Patio!

Back inside, the bar area remodel is really just all new… this is really a new bar.

We were told that the prior decor traced back to the 80s or so, and it’s clear the owners did the right thing by removing all aspects of the rooms prior life.

It’s new and modern, but also has a cozy comfortable earthiness to it.

Several televisions are mounted on walls, but not overdone to take away from the decor.

And the new bar area is configured with a bump-out…. like a “P” which provides some extra seating. And behind the bar is a 10-tap draft system and all the liquor options you could want.

Westwood Bar: The Food!

So we did have a late lunch, sitting right at the bar!

I chose the Prime Rib French Dip, and wow… it really was a delicious sandwich! Probably the most tender beef sandwich I’ve ever had.. seriously!

Prime Rib French Dip! Incredibly tender beef!

My wife had the Smoked Westwood Classic Chicken Sandwich with fries… again, another hole-in-one with that. The Chef Eric stopped out and chatted for a bit… he smokes the chicken right on site at the golf course!

Westwood Classic Smoked Chicken Sandwich

We closed out our late lunch by sharing a Blueberry Bourbon Cheesecake. Well, sharing in our marriage means I get 70% of the dessert and my wife gets 30%! Ha!

Blueberry Bourbon Cheesecake: Westwood Bar, West Deptford NJ

Other items on the menu include a variety of burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, meatball subs, salads… entrees which include swordfish, crab cakes, pulled pork and more.. and of course awesome appetizers including a seafood “poutine” that I have to go back and try!

The chef and Jeremiah have done a great job putting together a menu which offers something for everyone… without being overwhelming. But they are just starting up… the world is opening up again… so expect even more delicious options in the future!

For beverages… I went with a Tonewood Fuego and my wife tried a Mojito. hmmm.. I didn’t get a photo of the beverages! Well you know what a beer looks like. 🙂

We really enjoyed our visit at the Westwood Bar… the remodel is awesome, the staff was amazing.. and we genuinely enjoyed the food so much we both want to try more of the menu… but it’s going to be tough to not get that Prime Rib sandwich again!

Westwood Golf Course

Oh did I mention there is a golf course there? You can also golf there?

I do some hack-n-slash golfing and honestly it’s been a couple years (need to get my clubs regripped)… but I see golfers falling into two camps… the “home course” and the “travelers”.

One of my lifelong friends, for example.. has found a way to golf several times a week. He has a membership at his favorite club and almost always goes to that same club. He has developed new, lasting friendships and has become part of that course’s community.

But the core of the rest of my friends (and I) were always in the “traveler” mindset… we’d like to travel around the area trying out different golf courses. For us the beauty of the courses, and the food and drink at the clubhouse, was a big part of the experience for us. Seeing all the places I go for the blog, this isn’t surprising.

So I am going a long way to say… if you like to golf.. if you like to get out and try new courses, or maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve golfed at Westwood Golf Course…

Maybe it’s time you checked them out!

Honestly.. I think it’s been 25 years for me since I golfed at Westwood so I don’t remember the course.

But with the opening of the Westwood Bar… sure, I am absolutely telling my friends “hey guys let’s check this place out again”.

To be clear… I’ve golfed dozens of times in my life. I am truly and hack-n-slasher. Been saying for 3 years I need to get my clubs regripped. Hmmm I may have to make 2021 my golfing year!

Links and Location

Westwood Golf Course and Westwood Bar
850 Kings Hwy
West Deptford, NJ 08096

Course: 856-845-2000
Bar: 856-885-2800

Westwood Bar
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