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Top Golf Mt Laurel Construction Update. MASSIVE! Springtime is Golf time! (Photos)

Top Golf Mt Laurel Construction Update.  MASSIVE!  Springtime is Golf time!  (Photos)
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Yes the Top Golf facility is WAAAY outside my 42Freeway turf.  As I mentioned in a recent YouTube video, I look for things which will have people in our towns wanting to drive and check it out… so the further away it is, the higher the coolness factor has to be.  And the under construction Top Golf facility is definitely high on the coolness “hey did ya hear” factor!    And with the snow coming down hard the day after Spring starting, I thought its a perfect time to think of real Spring things,  like golf!

What is Top Golf, and why is it so special?

The best description is “The Dave and Busters of Golf Driving ranges”.

Top Golf facilities are massive 65,000 sq ft three level golf driving ranges, with private climate controlled driving suites, food and alcohol!  A giant sports bar with amazing golf driving range facilities.

This will be the second New Jersey location, with one operating in Edison NJ.

The Mt Laurel location is located off of Route 38 and Route 295, at the back of a retail area and next to the well known Costco.

Top Golf Press Release from 2016

Even if you don’t golf, you know someone who is… and simply there is just no way you won’t be amazed and excited by what is happening so close to home.  See the Top Golf Video below

I don’t know the specifics of how they landed in Mt Laurel (other than demographics/Income stats), but this is a HUGE deal.  Top Golf estimates 450,000 people will visit the Mt Laurel location.  Many communities in the country are now putting together incentive packages to lure Top Golf in, but as far as I can tell.. .Top Golf chose Mt Laurel.  From what I understand, this effort was made a little difficult because of New Jersey’s liquor license laws limiting licenses to population and none were immediately available to the facility… but Top Golf held on through delays and extended efforts to make Mt Laurel happen

Top Golf is privately owned (out of Dallas) and have 41 locations with 38 in the US and 3 in the UK.

Scanning through news articles, it seems they are in a huge expansion path, with facilities being tagged to communities all around the country.

I stopped over this past weekend and grab some photos from the edge of the Costco parking lot.  It’s still tough to understand how big this is from the photos, but the car parked at the corner gives a clue.  Seriously, if you’ve seen the grandstand of a horse racing track, this facility is as big as that.   3 levels of driving range bays, but it appears to be 4 stories high in the main building.

Top Golf – Mt Laurel
Marne Highway and Centerton Road
Mt Laurel New Jersey

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