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Tommy’s Tavern + Tap Cherry Hill – March 2024 Opening

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap Cherry Hill – March 2024 Opening
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Tommy’s Tavern + Tap has been under construction on Route 70 in Cherry Hill since last summer, and they just announced at their Instagram profile that they are looking for a March 2024 opening!

I stopped over a few days ago, just a few days before Tommy’s Tavern made their announcement.

I’ve become aware of a few unique aspects of the Cherry Hill location.. keep reading for more.

The new location is in the very popular Garden State Park Shopping Center (Wegmans), taking over the former Houlihan’s restaurant building which sits along Route 70.

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap is coming to Cherry Hill NJ.. with an expected March 2024 opening!

If you are unfamiliar, Tommy’s Tavern is a family owned tavern style restaurant and bar group originally based out of North Jersey. They now have 11 locations in New Jersey including one in Mount Laurel, which opened last year.

They fit into a popular category of casual family/friend restaurants, but everything at Tommy’s Tavern seems to be elevated a level or two higher, from the premium decor to the amazing scratch made menu.

Along with amazing sandwiches and entrees, two signature items at Tommy’s Tavern are their coal-fired oven pizzas and also fresh sushi! Each location employees sushi chefs in the restaurant!

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap – Delicious sandwiches, entrees, coal-fired pizza and even fresh sushi!

42Freeway broke the news of the planned Cherry Hill location last May. A month later their Mount Laurel location opened and I was there for a full opening day tour.

Tommy’s Tavern seems to be basing their expansion model identifying recently closed locations of other restaurants… for example Cherry Hill was a Houlihan’s and Mount Laurel was previously a TGIFridays… but they do a full and significant remodel of the restaurants, including adding interesting “all-season” patio spaces.

While each location offers a similar high-quality menu and more upscale decor, it seems Tommy’s Tavern makes each location a unique experience… with that being said if you want to learn more about to expect, check out my full experience article from last June!

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap is coming to Cherry Hill NJ.. with an expected March 2024 opening! Signage is already up on the side wall

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap – Cherry Hill

I stopped over at the Cherry Hill location on Tuesday (just a few days ago) and was surprised to see they had bumped out the front of the building on the lower portion, adding what appears to be an all-season patio space… on BOTH sides of the front entrance!

The building was already a large restaurant, and this front bump-out addition appears to add a significant amount of square feet.

Most of the top elements of the exterior wall seem completed… in fact on the side of the building the Tommy’s Tavern + Tap signage is already in place.

An expansion in the front of the upcoming Tommy’s Tavern Cherry Hill location appears to offer a large all-season patio space.. on both sides of the entrance.

While the front entrance still has a substantial center monument style facade overtop, they have also been working on that aspect and appears to be one of the last elements to receive the final exterior treatments.

Inside? Well.. From visiting Mount Laurel some core elements of the restaurant style.. based on some conversations I had with folks in the knew last year, Cherry Hill is set to have some very unique features!

Tommy's Tavern + Tap - Cherry Hill
Tommy’s Tavern + Tap – Cherry Hill

First off, instead of the kitchen positioned in the back (as it is in Mount Laurel) the Cherry Hill location kitchen will be along almost the entire depth of the space!

Also, with the large space available they are reviving the “Whiskey Bar” which was in the original Sea Bright location. Somewhat of an auxiliary bar but with more of a pub style feel to it!

Mount Laurel location of Tommy’s Tavern + Tap

Tommy’s Tavern Cherry Hill will also have a significant number of taps.. 72 taps but I believe carrying 24 varieties.

I have not been inside yet or given a full overview of what to expect when Cherry Hill opens next month, but what I share here is a nice teaser of what to expect!

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap
Market Place at Garden State Park
2050 Rte 70
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Tommy’s Tavern + Tap Website