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Round1 Deptford Mall Opens Oct 24! Bowling, Billiards, Bar, Arcade! Onsite Applications This Week

Round1 Deptford Mall Opens Oct 24!  Bowling, Billiards, Bar, Arcade!  Onsite Applications This Week
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The long awaited Round1 Bowling/Arcade/Bar at the Deptford Mall opens in one month, October 24th!  The games are in the store and can be seen through the security gate right now!

The location in the mall is the upper level of the old Sears store building.  You of course can enter from inside the mall, and they also offer an exterior entrance… on the first level, close to where Ruby Tuesday was located.   For that exterior entrance, as soon as you come through the glass doors there are new dediated escalators to take you up to Round1.

We stopped by today and they have a staff member set up out front inside the mall to take applications!  You can apply online anytime, but will be onsite this week through Friday September 25th.

What is Round1?

Round1 is a family fun center featuring the latest arcade games, karaoke, billiards, food and bar… and BOWLING!  Yes the Deptford Mall has a bowling alley!

While it’s a family fun place, Round1 is definitely not targeted at just kid’s.   Sure you can have a kid’s party with all-you-can-eat options… but how about the adult party package ?

Adult parties options which include arcade, karaoke, billiards, bowling, pizza, wings, ice cream… and a beer… starting at $25?!  I’ve been to Top Golf in Mt Laurel a few times and it is jammed with groups of friends, and I wonder could Round1 become a go-to place in our area for a new and unique night of adult fun?!

Based on the website menu…  they offer a full bar experience, and the food menu leans towards the more casual options of pizza, burgers and wings.  Competitor Dave & Busters is very similar but offers a few higher level entrees such as salmon and steak.

So yes, the best way to understand what this is all about is…they are in the same category as Dave & Busters, but Round1 brings their own twist in game and activity selection with bowling and karaoke!

Round1 started in Japan but the US headquarters are in California. They are rapidly expanding in the USA, and in our are there are locations in the Exton Square Mall and Fashion District Philadelphia (the old Gallery).

Some fun facts from the Round1 website… they expect to have 100 locations by 2025.  They have over 8,500 arcade games in the USA!

As a side note:  When you come in to check out Round1, be sure to also visit Colonial Arcade and their retro games, located at the entrance next to Liberty Travel! 

Actively Hiring RIGHT NOW.  On-Site This Week!

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, Round1 is hiring right now.  In store training will start soon! Heck they open in a month so this is going to move fast and you can be part of the first crew, forming a special bond with your trailblazing coworkers!   

You can apply online, but when I stopped there today, they had a table setup out front (inside the mall) and a gentleman was answering questions and taking job applications.  He said they will have someone at that table through Friday.

They are hiring for every position, even the General Manager!

  • General Manager/Assistant General Manager
  • Technical Facility Manager
  • Amusement Department Manager/Supervisor
  • Bowling Department Manager/Supervisor
  • Food and Beverage Department Manager/Supervisor
  • Associate (Amusement, Bowling, Food and Beverage, Cleaning, and Mechanic)
  • Bowling, Amusement, F&B, Mechanic, Cleaning

Check their career site for additional job details and to apply online!

What About Dave & Busters at the Gloucester Premium Outlets?

If you are a regular reader of 42Freeway or just live in the area, you probably already know that Dave & Busters has been building an all-new free standing building at the Gloucester Premium Outlets in Blackwood.  Like most construction projects in the area, they had taken a break during COVID, but as 42Freeway reported recently, the construction crews have started up again.

We’ve reached out to the folks at Dave & Busters for an update, who tell us the following:

Dave & Busters is still on track to open 5 stores this year, including Gloucester Township.

Which means the Blackwood Rt 42 location will open this year… they haven’t committed to an opening date yet

Round1 USA – Deptford
Deptford Mall
1750 Deptford Center Road
Deptford NJ 08096