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Pet Check Urgent Care Opening in August at Washington Square Town Center

Pet Check Urgent Care Opening in August at Washington Square Town Center
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The new Washington Square Town Center development on Hurffville-Cross Keys Road will be welcoming Pet Check Urgent Care  this summer.  Pet Check is taking the Urgent Care boom that is happening in our area and applying it to pet care.  They will be open 7 days a week, 9am to 9pm!  They never have appointments, you can just show up with your pet and receive expert care for emergencies and even regular check-ups!

According to their FAQ, the pricing seems very economical for a Pet urgent care setup, charging $59 for all office visits regardless of it being an emergency or routine checkup (other fees could apply based on services provided).  I absolutely remember at a Camden County emergency vet hospital paying $250 or more for an emergency visit, so the Pet Check pricing seems awesome!

Other features to be provided include X-rays, a full laboratory, veterinarian pharmacy and more!

Based on the FAQ, they will be able to perform minor emergency procedures/surgeries such as laceration repair… and similar to a human urgent care, larger medical surgeries I assume would need to be taken care of at a full veterinary hospital.  Well, check their thorough FAQ and website for more details or call ahead (when they open of course!)

Washington Square Town Center

If you aren’t familiar with Washington Square Town Center, the complex is a large 35 acre multi-use development featuring townhomes, apartments, retail, and the large Rothman Ortho building.  More specifically it is located next to the Virtua facility and very close to Verchio’s produce.  Another thing that is significant about the Pet Check facility, is as far as I know it will he the first tenant in the strip of “road frontage retail” (after the planned Rothman).  You can read more about the development in our prior post about the Rothman location opening.

Pet Check – Planned for an August Opening
253 Hurfville Cross Keys Road.
Sewell, NJ 08080