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Lawnside Oak Ave Retail Project Coming to Flourishing Redevelopment Area

Lawnside Oak Ave Retail Project Coming to Flourishing Redevelopment Area
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Land has been cleared for a Lawnside Oak Ave new retail centric development which will feature three 10,000 square feet buildings… two of which are targeted at retail uses, and the third will be for flex uses (such as office or light-warehouse)

The new development will be less than 1,000 feet to the intersection where the Patco Woodcrest parking lot starts, as well as ramps to Route 295. (Loopnet listing)

A new retail center is being developed in Lawnside NJ in the flourishing Oak Ave redevelopment area. Apartments, businesses, warehouses and Patco are all in walking distance. (Image: Vineland Construction)

if you haven’t been through Oak Ave. in Lawnside in a few years you would be blown away by the amount of development in both residential and warehouse buildings which has taken place there.

New jobs and new housing, all in walking distance to the Patco Woodcrest train station, making this area a small “transit-oriented” community with easy access to Philadelphia and portions of South Jersey.

A new retail center is being developed in Lawnside’s Oak Ave Redevelopment area.

Lawnside Station Business Park – Oak Ave Redevelopment

I think most people in the 42Freeway area are aware of the large UPS facility that has existed for decades on Oak Ave. in Lindenwold… likely at least once in your lifetime you’ve gone there to ship a package or pick up a delivery.

And for most of the decades that UPS has operated there, the many acres of land along Oak Ave has been undeveloped… which is very surprising since the Woodcrest Patco Station opened over 40 years ago in 1980!

So if you haven’t been through that area in several years…  it has turned into a very successful redevelopment area featuring several new warehouses and residential apartments.

Lawnside’s Oak Avenue Redevelopment Area – Vineland Construction (Image: Lawnside Borough)

The commercial aspects are called the Lawnside Station Business Park, and adjacent to that is the Station Place apartments, and coming soon is the new retail component.

The Lawnside project is called the Oak Avenue Redevelopment, which has been developed by South Jersey’s Vineland Construction.

And keep in mind that this is all really part of a connected “Woodcrest Patco Train Station” transit community which stretches into neighboring Cherry Hill. This new retail center and (and Station Place Apartments) are less than 1,000 feet from the Patco parking lot!

One of the several warehouses developed as part of Vineland Construction’s large mixed use developments in Lawnside NJ.

Even the area around the train station on the Cherry Hill side is also seeing significant development, including the brand new 370-unit Enclave at Woodcrest apartment complex, plus another new large warehouse (42Freeway)

And recently the Camden County Social Services Department relocated it a hundredths of employees to the existing Woodcrest Corporate Center. (42Freeway)

The Woodcrest Corporate Center has been in Cherry Hill NJ for many decades, but it is one of the reasons the extended area around the Patco Woodcrest Station has been seeing a lot of development recently.

So my point is while many would think this is an unlikely location for a retail center targeting restaurants and other community favorable stores, in the last few years a significant number of people are now living and working in what was previously an underutilized space…  not to mention all of the commuters driving to the Woodcrest pack of station parking area!

Township redevelopment documents also show the the Lawnside Station Business Park will be connected with walking/bike paths all the way to the Woodcrest Patco Station!

Lawnside Oak Ave Retail Center

The new retail project is in Lawnside NJ but very close to the Cherry Hill border where the Woodcrest pack of station is located. A small branch of the Cooper River separates the two towns, with the Oak Ave bridge connecting the roadway.

The Lawnside retail project will consist of three separate buildings of 10,000 square feet each, with two of those buildings targeted for retail uses and the third will be a flex space (typically office or light warehouse use).

This project is being developed by Vineland Construction who is the lead developer in all of these new Lawnside Oak Avenue projects.

Oak Avenue Retail project in Lawnside New Jersey, located near the Woodcrest Patco Station (Image: Vineland Construction)

I spoke to a real estate representative of the company who tells me that while they do not have any leases signed for this new retail project, they are working with several potential tenants and have units available for other interested parties.

The town has expressed some interest in adding community driven stores such as small restaurants, salons or maybe a fitness center… but of course a big factor in that is up to whoever is interested in putting the money down to rent a unit!

A three building retail and flex space development is coming to Lawnside, located directly across from a new Station Place apartments, and close to Woodcrest Patco.

The three buildings will be positioned in line with the Oak Ave. roadway and features parking out front as well as some additional parking in the small wedged lot across from Everett Ave

Immediately across Oak Ave. is the newer Station Place apartment complex with 144 units, and as mentioned… in this immediate area there are multiple brand new warehouses that have been developed, including a new New Jersey American Water Company operations facility.

The Station Place Apartments in Lawnside, and in the distance are several new warehouses… developed as part of Vineland Constructions Oak Ave Redevelopment project.

And of course there is the massive UPS Facility basically as the next door neighbor to this planned retail development!

Factor in the Woodcrest Train Station commuters and the Route 295 exits.. this Oak Avenue Retail project could be a prime location for your business.