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Kadar Orthodontics New Office – Egg Harbor Road

Kadar Orthodontics New Office – Egg Harbor Road
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Kadar Orthodontics, which has been straightening teeth in Washington Township for years, has started construction on a new “green” office on Egg Harbor Road, next to the Acme supermarket.

I’ve been driving down that way a lot lately visiting family, and saw the construction taking place with a new roadway entrance into the elevated lot… but for some reason I assumed it was going to be a small housing cul-de-sac.  But 42Freeway reader Janet R sent me a message, and she wasn’t convinced it was housing.  So today I noticed a steel framework going up and realized.. Janet was right, this is a commercial building!

So a quick search on the address lead me to Kadar Orthodontics.  So let me be upfront for other medical offices reading… new medical practices moving in, are really not 42Freeway subject matter, but knowing that many people are seeing the construction taking place they are probably wondering what this new building is, and that’s where 42Freeway helps out.

So my googling lead me to Washington Township meeting minutes referencing the property, and I had figured out it was Kadar’s new office… but the real find was at the Washington Township Sun blog website, who published a story on the groundbreaking back in February!   I was scooped!  Ha.  So the folks over at the Sun have a lot more details, so follow this link to read more.  “Kudos” to the Sun… I am not really familiar with their effort but I see they have a LOT of content, and they have several editions for area towns.  Surprisingly, as big as my Deptford Township is, I don’t see a Deptford edition.

Anyway, congratulations to Kadar Orthodontics on their success, their new building… and for staying in Washington Township when it came time to move.  You can read more about Kadar over at their website!

And some advice to Doctor Kadar… put  a “Future Home Of Kadar Orthodontics” sign on the front of that property!