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Johnny Longhots Sicklerville Is Open. Steaks, Pizzas And Much More

Johnny Longhots Sicklerville Is Open. Steaks, Pizzas And Much More
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Johnny Longhots Steaks & Pizza is open in Sicklerville NJ in the Shoppes at Cross Keys center, where Texas Roadhouse and Buffalo Wild Wings are also located.

The all new construction restaurant offers a large menu featuring all of the classics, made from the highest quality ingredients

They also offer innovative signature Johnny Longhots options too with fun local “pop-culture” names like the “Paulie” chicken cutlet sandwich I had for lunch last week, named after Rocky’s brother-in-law in the movies.

The large menu features pizzas, excellent cheese steaks and hoagies but also offers calzone, strombolis, hot Subs, burgers, salads, and a variety of dinner entrees.  Well simply check the menu online as it’s a lot of options!

High quality ingredients really sets them apart, as well as innovative recipes.

My “Paulie” choice was recommended by the mother and daughter team working the front counter.

It’s a fresh chicken cutlet sandwich with sauteed spinach and fresh mozzarella… with an amazing house-made vodka sauce.

The Paulie – Freshly cooked chicken cutlet sandwich utlet sandwich with sauteed spinach and fresh mozzarella and vodka sauce. Johnny Longhots Sicklerville

It was a sandwich combination I have never had before and honestly it was delicious.  Before ordering it I wasn’t exactly sure how the vodka sauce was going to play out but it’s a lighter yet very flavorful sauce which just brought all of the ingredients together perfectly.

The chicken cutlet was cooked fresh for my order and piping hot when served, and placed on a soft seated Liscio’s roll. The mozzarella placement is one that I’ve never seen before where the entire top of the sandwich is coated with the delicious bright white cheese.

Speaking of cheese, Johnny Longhots Sicklerville is using the top brands and high quality ingredients you expect.

The cheese options for example… the mozzarella is from Grande, Cooper is the brand for American, and something that really is important to me… when you order a “Whiz-Wit” cheesesteak, they are using the actual Kraft brand Cheez Whiz.

Keep scrolling for more on Johnny Longhots Sicklerville, but also “follow” them on Facebook.

Johnny Longhots Sicklerville

The location for the new Johnny Longshots in Sicklerville is on the right side of this shopping center between the T-Mobile and Pet-Valu stores…  just a few hundred feet from Starbucks.

There are other locations for Johnny Longhots in the area including Deptford, Voorhees and Marlton, but this one is independently owned and operated.  My understanding is they each work from a common concept and base menu, but each operator is allowed to change their menu options for their location.

In the category of “Steak and Pizza Shops” the new Johnny Longhots Sicklerville is larger than I expected.  From the outside the unit is not too wide, but immediately on entering you’ll see it’s much deeper than you expected!

The design of the interior places the counter along the right side wall at the front of the restaurant, with significant amounts of seating running down the entire wall length on the left. A massive shared bench seating runs down the left side wall, with tables lined up and chair seating on the opposite side of the tables.

At the back portion of the main front counter, they had counter seating available.

One of their signature sayings is “Where New York meets Philly”…. and that is carried through with several large photo posters of iconic Philadelphia and New York locations, as well as fun custom artwork such as one depicting Philly’s Rocky Balboa and New York’s Vinnie Barbarino discussing if it’s Sauce or Gravy!

Another fun aspect of the Johnny Longhots concept is to mix in some local pop-culture to the names of their signature sandwiches.

The Balboa is a Philly cheese steak with pepperoni, roasted peppers, marinara and provolone. The Frank Rizzo brings on the heat; a chicken cutlet sandwich topped with broccoli rabe, sharp provolone and topped with longhots (hot peppers).

I didn’t try their pizza in my visit but will be back soon to try a slice or three.. and maybe a “Whiz-Wit” cheesesteak.

Links and Location

Johnny Longhots – Sicklerville
611 Berlin-Cross Keys Road
Sicklerville, New Jersey 08081