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Harmon Face Values Deptford to Close. Bed Bath & Beyond Deptford Stays Open

Harmon Face Values Deptford to Close.  Bed Bath & Beyond Deptford Stays Open
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All Harmon Face Values stores are closing, which would include the location in Deptford. This is part of parent company Bed Bath & Beyond who is doing several cost cutting moves across their three brands.

Corporate parent Bed Bath & Beyond published earlier today the full closing list for the brands (PDF).

In Deptford of the 3 brands that Bed Bath & Beyond operate in the Township, ONLY Harmon Face Values is closing. Both Bed Bath & Beyond and Bye, Bye Baby will remain open in Deptford.

Sadly the Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Mount Laurel and Mays Landing locations have been announced as two of the 6 in New Jersey that are closing.

Harmon Face Values

I stopped at the Deptford Harmon Face Values location today and the store closing signage is already up at the store. 

Currently all merchandise is 20% off below the lowest stated price.

We are likely to see the discounts increase overtime, but of course that means inventory selection will be reducing as the discounts become greater.

I do not see any official statement of when Harmon stores will close, and local store staff were not aware of the final date.

Harmon Face Values is the Smallest of the stores in the Deptford property and the only one to close.

As mentioned Harmon Face Values is a smaller store, and in some ways the merchandise selection is similar to what you would find in pharmacy store aisles.

Makeup, skin lotions, hair products and hair dryers and even a variety of general merchandise such as cleaning supplies.

As mentioned banners are hanging throughout the store announcing that the store is closing, and they’re currently at 20% off the lowest ticketed price.

Bed Bath & Beyond Brands

Bed Bath & Beyond, Bye, Bye Baby and Harmon Face Values are owned by New Jersey based corporate parent Bed Bath & Beyond who has been going through a series of cost cutting moves to keep the cash strapped brands afloat.

As part of the announcement of closing all Harmon stores, they are also closing another 87 flagship stores and five Bye, Bye, Baby stores.


The Deptford Harmon store appears to be the only one located in Southern New Jersey, and really in the Philadelphia marketplace.

In Northern New Jersey (where the corporate office is located) there are at least a dozen stores.

At one time the Bed Bath & Beyond brands also included Christmas Tree Shoppes.

Christmas Tree Shops was sold in November of 2020 to a company run by a husband and wife who had previously found success in the greeting card and stationery business. They will continue to operate their South Jersey stores including Deptford, Cherry Hill and Mt Laurel.


Back in 2014 the new Deptford multi-store building opened across from the mall featuring all four of the brands that Bed Bath & Beyond owned and operated at that time.

The new center replaced the old General Cinema movie theater building and another row of stores which included Frank’s Garden Center

Links and Location

Harmon Face Values
1755 Deptford Center Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096