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Harbor Freight Coming to Deptford. Taking a Portion of Forman Mills Building

Harbor Freight Coming to Deptford.  Taking a Portion of Forman Mills Building
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A Harbor Freight store is coming to Deptford New Jersey, to be located on Hurffville Road in the shopping center which is also home to a Forman Mills location.

While timelines are not clear, Harbor Freight is already looking for a Store Manager for this Deptford location.

To accommodate the new store, Forman Mills in the Deptford Plaza center will be splitting off a portion of the leftmost edge of their building into a separate storefront. This new segment will become home to a new Harbor Freight.

So basically Harbor Freight will be the furthest left in the long shopping center building (when facing it)

This will require construction to build an interior divider wall for Harbor Freight, as well as a new exterior entranceway and façade.

Forman Mills is expected to stay open in Deptford.

The building segment in question was a large K-mart store at one time. Honestly the building has always been a bit big for a Forman Mills. Even after the construction work is completed to make room for Harbor Freight, Forman Mills Deptford will STILL be a BIG store!

Deptford Plaza is located at intersection of Hurffville and Clements Bridge Roads. Harbor Freight and Joann are joining Forman Mills as tenants

This move will allow Forman Mills to continue to providing a huge array of clothing and other items, while also accommodating a new retailer in the busy shopping center.

At the other end of the center (closest to Clements Bridge Road) a Joann Store is under construction, taking over the space which was once Babies R Us.

In the middle the former AC Moore store remains open, but will be used as a Spirit Halloween store location this fall.

The Deptford Plaza shopping center sits at the intersection of Clements Bridge Road and Hurffville. Besides Forman Mills, and the upcoming Joan and Harbor Freight.. they also offer Taco Bell, Boston Market and McDonald’s

Harbor Freight – Deptford

Harbor Freight is a National retailer of tool and related equipment with over 1,300 locations in the United States and over 25,000 employees.

They originally started out as a mail-order company and then internet based business.

In 1980 Harbor Freight opened a single outlet type store to sell returned merchandise. The retail aspect did so well, they started opening additional store locations selling all new merchandise.

Harbor Freight is coming to Deptford, taking over a portion of the existing Forman Mills building

Locally there is a Harbor Freight in Washington Township on the Black Horse Pike, which we expect to be unaffected by this new Deptford location.

For the Deptford location we had heard that they were looking in town which turned on the 42Freeway radar.

42Freeway then found a Store Manager job posting listing the 1140 Forman Mills address. We then stopped over at the store and spoke to a few employees, as well as called the Harbor Freight Washington Township store. Everything checked out.

While we do not have the timing on when the Deptford Harbor Freight store will be open, as mentioned see they are already looking for a Store Manager and Forman Mills has cleared out that portion of the the building ahead of construction.

Harbor Freight Products

As mentioned Harbor Freight specializes in selling tools and related equipment.

From screwdrivers to large generators, they cover the gambit of tools for home, construction, cars and more.

Mark from 42Freeway has an electric log splitter from Harbor Freight which is surprisingly powerful for the price!

The full array of products are just too much to list.. it’s truly an tool superstore!

This section is of Forman Mills Deptford is already cleared, awaiting construction to start on new divider wall.

But as a sample categories include: power tools, hand tools, air tools & compressors, tool storage, automotive tools and jacks, generators, lawn & garden, home & security, welding, plumbing, electrical, hardware, painting and more!

Remember Sears and the hardware section they had? Well think of that… Multiplied by Four!

It’s just one of those stores that for many is fun to browse around and check out all the cool things they have!

Joann Store Update

Back in December we told readers about the new Joann Store coming to this same shopping center, taking over the former Babies R Us location at the other end from Forman Mills.

Yes this is the ol’ Joann Fabric store brand you remember, but they are going with the shorter “Joann” store name now and have expanded into a full craft store,

The new Deptford location will be significantly larger than their other stores in the immediate area. While not necessarily labeled a “superstore”, we expect it to fit that category… offering a wider array of craft products more in line with Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

Joann is developing a new and larger craft store at Deptford Plaza on the Clements Bridge Road side.

Construction has been taking place actively for months and they are completely changing the front façade.

We understand they are targeting an opening ahead of the 2022 Holiday shopping season… September. But still early to confirm.

Joann currently has a Deptford store which we knew would close when the new location opens. But also the West Deptford store on Rt 45 is also in the process of closing right now, with sales and employees shifting over to the new Deptford location when it opens.

Links and Location

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Deptford NJ

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