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Gibbstown Plaza New Facade Takes Shape.  Grocery Outlet, Plus 2nd Tenant Identified?

Gibbstown Plaza New Facade Takes Shape.  Grocery Outlet, Plus 2nd Tenant Identified?
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The former ShopRite building at the Gibbstown Plaza in Greenwich Twp NJ is under heavy remodeling, with three new front facades framed out for upcoming new individual retail units.

This redevelopment process of splitting a former larger store into several smaller units, is very similar to what happened in Glassboro and Brooklawn with their closed K-marts… which were also split into multiple units.

The former Shoprite Building at Gibbstown Plaza in Greenwich Twp NJ is under full remodel, as it is being split into three different retail units.

For Gibbstown, earlier this year Grocery Outlet was officially announced as one of the lead tenants, taking over the rightmost unit of the three. (May 2023 article with more info on Grocery Outlet)

This was confirmed by the leasing team for the center directly, who then updated their marketing brochures to clearly show Grocery Outlet as the tenant on the location.

While I don’t have a confirmed date for the opening of Grocery Outlet, I’ve seen some commentary that they were targeting early 2024

The rightmost unit at the Gibbstown Plaza has been confirmed as Grocery Outlet. The logo is a mock-up.

If you are unfamiliar, Grocery Outlet strives to be a one-stop discount shopping experience for their customers, by blending two buying methodologies which balance providing amazingly discounted product deals, filled out with a well-rounded inventory to provide a complete shopping experience.

Grocery Outlet is very honest and up front about their “opportunistic” buying model which in part targets excess inventory from packaging changes, manufacturing overruns or other opportunity deals. 

Marketing materials for the Gibbstown Plaza show that this leftmost unit is close to being signed for a national tenant.

Second New Tenant Known for Gibbstown Plaza?

Officially the other two new units do not have tenants announced, but the unit on the far left is identified on lease marketing documents as “AT  LEASE – NATIONAL TENANT”

For months now residents in Facebook town groups have been speculating and sharing information regarding the other two units.

Gibbstown Plaza Greenwich Twp NJ. This is the North building (of 2)

Several folks have commented that they know people in the town hall, or even people affiliated with the shopping center management, who have supposedly given folks details on new tenants

There are several businesses mentioned in the mix but one that keeps coming up is Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree also owns Family Dollar, and there is a Family Dollar location in the same shopping center located across the parking lot from the former Shoprite building.

It is not uncommon to see the two brands in the same area or center, as they target different price points. Family Dollar is a not a dollar store, whereas Dollar Tree is a $1.25 store. In fact in Sicklerville a combo store opened recently!

So if you are a regular reader here at 42Freeway, you know I don’t post rumors.  In fact I’ve seen comments online about Dollar Tree for months now, and have not written it.

But one thing that has changed is I found on the official Dollar Tree careers site, a new job posting for Dollar Tree: Sales Floor Associate  – 401 Harmony Road.

It is clearly listed as “Store Dollar Tree”, and the large header branding shows a Dollar Tree store, with it’s signature green tone signage and logo.

The job description also has in the content… Dollar Tree.

Grocery Outlet is coming to the Gibbstown Plaza. Based on online job listings, could Dollar Tree be the second store?

So the slightly trickier thing with this is, as mentioned Dollar Tree also owns Family Dollar… and there is a Family Dollar store in the same 401 harmony road address.  So could this job listing actually be for the existing Family Dollar store?

Well..   I found a second job posting for the 401 Harmony Road Address.

The second job posting is for a “Customer Service Representative”…  but its listed as “Store Family Dollar”

The header image at the top is clearly for Family Dollar with its distinctive red-toned color scheme. And the commentary in that second job listing says Family Dollar.

So it appears to me that they are advertising for two different stores in the same shopping center.

Two job listings from the website for 401 Harmony Rd, showing two different listings for two different brands. Since DollarTree is not currently in the center… (Image:

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