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Gametime Sportzbar is Coming to Westville NJ, Taking Over Former Hotshots Bar. Hiring!

Gametime Sportzbar is Coming to Westville NJ, Taking Over Former Hotshots Bar.  Hiring!
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Gametime Sportzbar is coming to Westville NJ, opening later this summer in the building which previously operated as Hot Shots bar.

Today I stopped in for the full preview tour with the owner, who took me through the bar area to see the progress on his interior upgrades.

His team is in the final stages of their remodeling effort and hope to be open before Labor Day weekend!

They are currently hiring for Bartenders, Food Runners and Cooks.  Reach out to them at their Instagram page via direct message or stop in at the liquor store.

Gametime Sportzbar is coming to Westville NJ, opening in the location which previously was Hot Shots Bar.

Gametime’s location is on Gateway Boulevard (Route 45) less than a mile south of the Brooklawn Circle. The building is a full liquor store and a bar/restaurant on the right side… but the bar has been closed for a few years, having closed with pandemic business shutdowns.

Over the years I visited the former bar more than a few times, and I even performed there on the stage, but the place definitely was in need of some upgrades.

So the new owner has spent several months upgrading the bar and restaurant

That being said, I do not have interior photos to share yet from my visit

While I saw the upgrades to the bar, flooring, televisions, bathrooms… I agreed with the owner’s request that at this time not to publish any inside photos, but I’ll be back soon once they’ve had a chance to straighten up.

The reason is, yes the core remodeling aspects appear to be done, but they are just now starting the final cleanup (from remodeling construction) and bar setup process.

Workers are in the final stages of remodeling the Westville bar which will reopen as Gametime Sportzbar. Items collected on the rear entrance wall are construction debris which will be removed.

They even have all new barstools… which were unpackaged but gathered in the corner of the room waiting to be placed around the bar. Packaging from the newly purchased products were still in the space.

But I’ll be back soon for the photo preview tour!

Gametime Sportzbar – Westville NJ

While the core layout of the prior bar still remains, with its large rectangular bar and dedicated small stage area… every surface has been redone and upgraded including flooring, bar surfaces, and the addition of all new televisions.

The dedicated center wall stage area is still there but instead of the mirrored background, the updated space now includes multiple televisions against that back wall.

42Freeway’s Mark rocking the house in Westville about 12 years. This same building will be seeing new life again, when it reopens as Gametime Sportzbar!

Ownership is determined to make it a favorite local spot for a cold beer and a delicious meal, focused more so on being a comfortable place to watch exciting sports games… with the occasional addition of live music.

The owner’s mindset is you only get one chance to make a first impression, and he wants to reopen with the best possible experience for his customers…  Which means not only has he upgraded the interior bar area, he also put in an all new kitchen, as well as completely remodeled bathrooms!

If you visited the former bar Hotshots when it was open, you know those bathrooms definitely needed to be rebuilt!

So if you are interested in working at Gametime Sportzbar in Westville, message them at their Instagram profile or stop in at the liquor store.

Links and Locations

Gametime Sportzbar – Coming Later This Summer
500 Gateway Boulevard
Westville, NJ