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Gametime Sportzbar in Westville Opens Monday 9/25! Watch the Eagles on Monday Night Football!

Gametime Sportzbar in Westville Opens Monday 9/25! Watch the Eagles on Monday Night Football!
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Gametime Sportzbar in Westville NJ officially opens on Monday 9/25, just in time for the Philadelphia Eagles Monday Night Football matchup against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

The local bar had operated most recently as Hot Shots but had been closed for a few years starting with the pandemic. A new owner has taken over the full building and businesses (Gateway Discount Liquors and the bar) but wanted to take time to remodel the bar side before reopening.

Over this year the Gametime team has done an amazing job remodeling the space… retaining the core layout which actually worked very well, but remodeling EVERY surface in the space to make it an exciting all new sports bar experience!

And the reopening for Gametime Sportzbar is now! Hours are Tues-Thurs 4pm to 12am, and Fri-Mon 11am-12am.

Gametime Sportzbar in Westville NJ opens Monday Sept 25th… just in time for Philadelphia Eagles Monday Night! (Image is with overhead lighting off to showcase the accent lighting)

The new owner Dave recognized that the overall core layout of the bar was solid with it’s large rectangular bar, plenty of room for table seating as well as an entertainment area.

But the space was definitely overdue for an overhaul… and that’s exactly what Dave and General Manager Danny have given it.

If you remember the bar from its prior life, when you walk inside it will feel both rememberable in layout but at the same time you’ll be impressed with how different it is.

And while an entertainment aspect is likely to come down the road for the bar, right now with the goal for management is to establish Gametime Sportzbar as a must visit place in the area to catch all the latest action in sports, while drinking an ice cold beer.. and eating delicious wings, burgers or more.

Gametime Sportzbar in Westville NJ takes the awesome layout of the former bar and makes everything new!

Considering the Phillies are hot, the Eagles are 2-0 and the seasons start soon for the Sixers and Flyers… the timing for the opening could not be more perfect!

And Gametime is even more than a great bar layout with awesome televisions… the kitchen is new and will be open.

While I didn’t dig too deeply into the menu I got to try their signature Gametime sauce which I detected a hint of chipotle seasoning in, and they are excited about the burgers which will carry a baseball them in the styles.

Gametime Sportzbar is located at 500 Gateway Boulevard. in Westville NJ.   It is located very close to the Brooklawn Circles, and is attached to the Gateway Discount Liquor store which has remained open all the way through.

Gametime Sportzbar in Westville NJ opens Monday Sept 25th!

Gametime Sportzbar – Westville NJ


We’re all a little but bummed out that summertime is winding down.. but I really do enjoy the four seasons we have in the Philadelphia area and I know I am ready to slide into fall.

And with that comes the excitement of Philadelphia Sports! First off we have the Phillies who are very hot right now and close to locking in their Wildcard Playoff slot. The Eagles are 2-0 but honestly not fully running on all-cylinders yet.

So absolutely right now its very tough to miss any Phillies or Eagles games.

Plus in a few weeks the Sixers and Flyers seasons starts.

It’s an awesome time to be sports fan in Philadelphia.. and a perfect time for a new sports bar to enter the 42Freeway area… Gametime Sportzbar in Westville NJ.

I got a preview tour of the new sports bar today, just one day before their opening on Monday Sept 25th. Clearly being open for the Eagles Monday Night game was a big goal!

And it’s been a lot of work to get to this point in remodeling the entire space this year.

At Gametime Sportzbar every surface is new! New light grey flooring tiles. Painted walls that are themed to the four major Philly teams.

The entire large rectangular bar still retains it’s size and location but every aspect of it was rebuilt and has a modern urban edge to it. I think the bar top is larger now!

All of the barstools are completely brand new, and in the areas dedicated for dining.. brand new hi-top tables and stools.

As mentioned even the bathrooms were upgraded including the Men’s Room which was about 15 years overdue for a remodel! It looks awesome now.

But with the goal to be a “go to” place for sports entertainment, the Gametime team has also significantly upgraded the televisions and audio.

All of the televisions are new, and a house sound system was installed to carry the audio of the featured game.

I always liked how Hot Shots placed televisions in the center bar area. It was placed in a way that made it very comfortable to sit at the bar and watch the games without putting my neck in an awkward angle. Gametime retains that that same placement, but of course.., with all new beautiful televisions!

There are several televisions located around the outer perimeter walls of the space.

And likely to be a very popular “Gametime” setup, the long wall opposite the bar now has a massive 85 inch television in the center, and 2 televisions on each of the two sides.

Danny turned up the house audio for the bar, which was set to the audio of the featured Vikings game, and it filled the room with the game audio. When they’re showing a featured game like this Monday Night’s Eagles match up with the Buccaneers, there’ll be no problems with folks anywhere in the bar hearing the audio

Honestly there really shouldn’t be a bad seat in the house to catch the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers, Flyers and more.

And I know many will ask about live entertainment, as bands were a big part of Hot Shots.

So the (low) raised stage area still remains but as mentioned above, instead of the mirrored backdrop it now features large televisions. They also have added new lighting for the stage as well as “disco” style house lighting.

So it’s clear that eventually DJ’s and likely some type of live entertainment will happen.

But those plans aren’t worked out right now (or even being considered) as the two gentlemen running the place are just focused on getting Gametime Sportzbar open, and putting happy customers into the barstools!

Gametime Sportzbar – Opens Monday 9/25/2023
500 Gateway Boulevard
Westville, NJ