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Four Seasons Fitness Glassboro Adding 25,000sf of Space, Featuring Indoor Pickleball Courts and More

Four Seasons Fitness Glassboro Adding 25,000sf of Space, Featuring Indoor Pickleball Courts and More
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Four Seasons Fitness in Glassboro has just announced an upcoming major expansion for the facility adding 25,000 additional square feet of space, where the star of the expansion will be six professionally designed indoor pickleball courts.

Four Seasons Fitness is located on Delsea Drive in the Glassboro Plaza center, where Primitive Axe and McDonald’s are also located.

The additional space comes from the adjacent large unit which most recently was home to Big Lots (before Big Lots relocated).  Right now the new space is being used as a temporary Spirit Halloween store.

Four Seasons Fitness in Glassboro has announced an upcoming 25,000sf expansion, featuring six indoor pickleball courts

The total 60,000sf Four Seasons Fitness space was developed in the early 1970s as a Jamesway discount store. With the Four Seasons expansion, the building returns back to a single operating business.

That being said, Four Seasons states that the Pickleball courts will be a separate activity from the gym membership, but discounts will be extended to all of the gym members.

While the pickleball courts will likely take up most of the new floor space, there will be two other new gym areas including an expansive turf area and additional workout areas.

The current Four Seasons fitness facility features a full gym with a second floor wrap around mezzanine featuring an indoor running track and cardio area, as well as dedicated exercise class areas.

Four Seasons Fitness in Glassboro is a full gym facility with the latest equipment, class exercise space, and a second floor mezzanine running track and cardio space. (Image: Four Seasons Fitness)

They are currently in their largest expansion and upgrades in their 42 years! Keep scrolling and reading for more.

The Four Seasons Fitness Blog page has their announcement.

This is big news for Four Seasons, but also for the Glassboro Plaza who in recent years had losses with Big Lots and Sears Hardware. Now with the pickleball expansion the only larger unit available is the far right space which was part of Sears.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with pickleball, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the US… most similar to a smaller tennis court, but featuring aspects similar to badminton or ping pong. In March I did a story and video on pickleball, and you can check that out here.

Four Seasons Fitness in Glassboro has announced a 25,000 sf expansion which will include pickleball and other new gym aspects.

Four Seasons Fitness – Glassboro

Four Seasons Fitness in Glassboro is in their 42nd year of operation!

Information from their website and Facebook page say they are currently in the biggest upgrade in the club’s 40-plus years of business.

For 2023 they have eight tractor trailer loads of new gym equipment from the top brands in the industry including Panetta, Star Trac, Human Sport, Schwinn and Ropeflex.

The Cycle Zone is a new dedicated indoor cycling space being added to the Four Seasons Fitness in Glassboro (Image: Four Seasons Fitness)

They are also making facility improvements including a brand new cutting edge indoor cycle room, and of course the new large expansion space and pickleball courts.

The Four Seasons Fitness “Cycle Zone” indoor cycle room will feature a 21-foot high ceiling with a “Big Ass” fan for great ventilation. The space will offer elevated bike platforms for improved visibility to the instructor, the coolest new bikes and an amazing light show setup and a rocking stereo system.

A recent Facebook post says they expect the Cycle Zone room to be completed by the end of October.

Four Seasons Fitness in Glassboro features a second floor mezzanine running track and cardio space.

As I mentioned they have 25,000 additional square feet being added to the gym where the primary usage will be a new indoor pickleball installation featuring 6 new courts.

Also a new expansive turf field will be added to offer room for various activities such as sled pushes, kettle bells, tires, medicine balls and more.

A third area in the new square footage will offer additional free weights, strength training equipment and additional cardio machines

Four Seasons Fitness says the expansion aims to meet the growing demand from gym members, by offering more space and a wider range of exercise options.

Glassboro’s Four Seasons Fitness is expanding, taking over the former “Big Lots” space which is adjacent to the gym. Today a temporary Spirt Halloween store is operating in the unit through the fall. (Image: Four Seasons Fitness)

Lastly they are announcing the return of personal training services, and if you are a certified and skilled trainer they invite you to submit your application through their website or drop off at the club.

Today I made a casual visit to the Four Seasons Fitness gym but when the pickleball courts and other expansion are completed, I hope to work with the facilities management to get a full tour of everything, and share with readers.

Four Season Fitness – Glassboro
626 Delsea Dr North
Glassboro, NJ 08028