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First Watch Restaurant Build-Out Underway in Washington Township. Job Postings Back Online

First Watch Restaurant Build-Out Underway in Washington Township.  Job Postings Back Online
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The highly anticipated First Watch Daytime Cafe restaurant in Washington Township is finally seeing significant signs of life, with construction crews actively on site… main signage is up, and job postings are online again!

The location is on Egg Harbor Road at the front of the Acme shopping center, next to the recently opened Chipotle. 

The two restaurants share a single pad site building close to Egg Harbor Road, and while Chipotle moved relatively quickly to build out the interior and open up.. there was no activity on the core interior of First Watch… until now.

This would be the second First Watch location in our South Jersey area, as there is one located in Cherry Hill on Haddonfield Road.

What is First Watch Daytime Cafe?

We posted on this upcoming store previously, and back then we shared a quote and article from Forbes.

Over the summer Mashed published a feature on First Watch Daytime Cafe which is a really nice complete overview of the history and restaurant offerings.

From the Mashed article:

This increasingly popular fast-casual chain specializes in healthy, made-to-order dishes using the freshest ingredients available, like cage-free eggs, avocados, and whole-grain bread. In addition to using nutritious ingredients, First Watch doesn’t have any deep fat fryers or heat lamps in its kitchens, either, so you won’t leave the restaurant feeling tired or weighed down by a heavy meal.

When?  Hiring is on (again)!

They currently list two job opportunities on their career website

The construction activity taking place now indicates that they are clearly moving towards an opening date, as well has the job postings.

So safe to assume “First Quarter 2021”.   I saw that a town representative had commented the same a few weeks back on Facebook.

But in mid-December the “numbers” are going up, and governmental decisions could impact the date. 

First Watch
415 Egg Harbor Road   
Suite 30A
Sewell NJ 08080

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