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Farm Stores Deptford Drive-Thru Convenience Market Is Ready but Franchisee Wanted

Farm Stores Deptford Drive-Thru Convenience Market Is Ready but Franchisee Wanted
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Construction has wrapped up on a Farm Stores drive-thru convenience market in Deptford New Jersey, on Cooper Street. 

While it’s mostly “ready to open” I was told recently it will not open until a franchisee operator is in place. This could be your chance to own your own business!

Farm Stores is a drive-thru neighborhood market which offers; staple grocery and household items, simple snacks and meals throughout the day, take home meals, coffee and breakfast on-the-go, and much more.

Fresh beverages and bakery foods are a key focus of farm stores!

Farm Stores Deptford NJ is developed and they are looking for a Franchisee to open up the location.

They like to say what they are really selling is “Time”.

The convenience of their drive-thru market for the items you need the most, puts time back into your life! They consider themselves more than a convenience store.. they are the MOST convenient store.

Our customers love the convenience of driving through on their way to work for coffee and a breakfast sandwich or fresh pastry, and coming by again on the way home for a gallon of milk, eggs, and cereal. Our best products are fresh-baked bread, fresh-squeezed OJ, and milk for home, and coffee on the go.

Farm Stores Website

Farm Stores Deptford

42Freeway first brought this story to readers back in April of 2022, when the remodeling effort was just beginning.

The Deptford location features a small building in the center of the property with dual drive-thru lanes on either side of the building.

The remodeled building has a walk-up window on the front center, and sliding door drive-up “windows” on each end to be able to full assist customers with their order.

The full property design of the new Farm Stores location in Deptford shows how it’s been designed to be a dual-lane drive thru.

The core of the building was already on the property, as it had been used for several different drive-thru businesses previously over the years. For the most recent few years it had not been open.

The development of this new Deptford Swiss Farms drive-thru convenience market is a little different process than many franchise opportunities.

Typically, the franchise owner/operator is identified and signed on before the development of a project location starts. 

It seems in this case though, with the existing building being a very close match to the needs of Swiss Farms, the main office decided to build it out as they looked for a franchiser.

While the core of the original building structure still remains, this really was a full remodel where all aspects of the interior and exterior were upgraded. They even slightly expanded things in the rear to allow for more interior storage.

Farm Stores - Deptford NJ
Farm Stores Deptford NJ is developed and they are looking for a Franchisee to open up the location. Located on busy Cooper St near Delsea Drive.

As mentioned, the location is on Cooper Street, and more specifically directly next to the Burger King fast food restaurant.

Across the street is the Budd’s Pools complex, and the Walmart entrance is less than 1000 feet away.

The roadway has a good volume of traffic moving through from area residents, commuters, as well as  traffic between Woodbury and Deptford.

Locally, in the 856 area code Deptford would be the only location right now.

There is a location in Toms River NJ, and not too far away in the Pennsylvania suburbs there are almost a dozen locations.

Farm Stores and Swiss Farms

Today the company operates under two brands; Farm Stores and Swiss Farm Stores.

From what I see, locally the Pennsylvania stores are branded as Swiss Farm, and New Jersey stores are Farm Stores… but I am not clear on the full breakdown

They trace their start back to 1957, and as of 2021 they listed 32 locations in 8 different states.

The new Farm Stores convenience store in Deptford is located on Cooper Street close to the intersection of Delsea Drive.

While they do offer a well defined plan to develop successful franchisees, they truly want to be the neighborhood’s market and they encourage franchisees to bring in local suppliers, brands, menus and more.

As you would expect bread and milk are two of their very top items, but they are seeing large growth in coffee and breakfast items to go, after school snacks, and the take home and gourmet to go dinner options.

They even offer a mobile app for pre ordering and a loyalty program.

So for the traditional reader wondering you know the status of this location know that it’s ready to go and they’re looking for someone to step in and want to run their own business.

If you are interested in potentially owning this business… Well I am not the right guy to talk to, and you should reach out to the farm stores team.  Contact information is available on the website.

They have a headquarters location in nearby Broomall PA.

Farm Stores Deptford NJ is developed and they are looking for a Franchisee to open up the location. They offer a dual-lane drivethru convenience store model

Links and Locations

Farm Stores – Deptford (Not open, available for Franchise)
915 Cooper Street
Deptford NJ 08096

Farmstores Franchise Website