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Dollar Tree Developing in Deptford at Home Depot Hurffville Rd (Former Anytime Fitness)

Dollar Tree Developing in Deptford at Home Depot Hurffville Rd (Former Anytime Fitness)
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Interior construction is well under way for a new Dollar Tree store on Hurffville Rd Deptford, in front of the Home Depot. The location was previously an Anytime Fitness.  The business shares the building with Autozone Auto Parts.

We had heard this was coming back when Anytime Fitness was closing, but had nothing to confirm it until I found a press release announcing the lease, and indicating a September 2019 opening.

Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores are popping up all over the area, and the distinctive difference is Dollar Tree is a true “everything’s a dollar” dollar store, whereas Dollar General is general variety store (think “pharmacy store without the prescription drugs”)

Mark of 42Freeway drives by this store every day on the way to work and has seen the interior demolition and construction taking place over the last few weeks.  The elevated platforms where the treadmills were positioned?   Solid concrete!   When we peeked in the window last week we saw the large piles of broken concrete!  Not a fun job.

Not known is what becomes of Deptford’s other Dollar Tree location over in the Marshall’s/TJ Maxx shoppping center.  Will this be a second Deptford location?  We reported just this week that real estate listings indicate the TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are planning on moving out of their current location…but no timetable is set.

The discount variety store category is booming right now, with Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and others in fast expansion mode.  Competitor Dollar General is looking to open almost 1,000 stores THIS YEAR!   A new Dollar General recently opened in Deptford at the old “Bernies Market” location.

For a local connection..  in 2000 Dollar Tree acquired Philadelphia based “Dollar Express” which amounted to 107 stores.