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Dollar General Planned for Blackwood, Black Horse Pike

Dollar General Planned for Blackwood, Black Horse Pike
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On October 23, 2018, developers will appear before the Gloucester Township Planning Board for approvals to move forward with the construction of a new Dollar General at the corner of Black Horse Pike and Fanelli Lane.   The exact address is 326 South Black Horse Pike.  The lot most recently housed an abandoned and dilapidated commercial building, and it sits adjacent to the Niagara Pools warehouse.  Directly across Fanelli Lane is the well know landmark of Saint Jude’s Church.

While this area of the Black Horse Pike has seem some “love” with a new Advocare Doctor’s office, and down the road a little the Sam’s Bar Shopping Center is in a long-term remodel, not to mention the still new Outlet Mall… overall this long stretch of South Black Horse Pike could use a boost in new development, and a newly constructed Dollar General is a step in the right direction.  Let’s hope the successful projects in this area are a catalyst for even more growth.

Speaking of the Sam’s Bar Shopping Center, the continue to make progress with the facade remodel and last I noticed it was closed in.  I have emailed the Center’s management company and they have not responded.  I’ve even chatted up the awesome family at Sam’s Bar.., and as of a few months ago it seemed even they weren’t clear on what was going on.  

Planning Board Public Notice:
TOWNSHIP OF GLOUCESTER NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR SITE PLAN AND BULK VARIANCES Take notice that on Tuesday the 23rd day of October, 2018, at 7:00 P.M., a hearing will be held before the Township of Gloucester Planning Board at the Municipal Building, 1261 Chews Landing-Clementon Road, at Hider Lane, Gloucester Township, New Jersey 08012, on application of Bryn Mawr DG, Blackwood LLC, for Block19101, Lot 6, a/k/a 326 South Black Horse Pike, in the Neighborhood/Commercial (NC) Zone, Application #181041CPFS, seeking preliminary and final site plan approval with sign variance for a 7,500 square foot retail building (Dollar General initial user) with sign variance for a 21′ high pole-mounted sign of 97.2 square feet (6’1″ x 16′ 1″) (§426.R.1 &7), and facade sign (97.5 square feet) (26′ x 3’9″) (§426.Q.1) sign on Fanelli Lane (same size, §426.Q.1 & 2); continuation of pre-existing, non-conforming conditions including lot width 140′ (§415F); front yard setback, corner lot second front at 56.55′ (§415F – Fanelli); side yard 8′, rear yard 22′, building coverage 25.5 % vs. 25%; parking setback at 7.84′ from right-of-way (all §415F); provide 23 parking spaces (§510A); and no loading space (§509); together with any improvements within the public right-of-way (without limitation, sidewalk, curb, light, or otherwise, if applicable), and such other and further variances or waivers as the Board may deem necessary and warranted. All documentation relating to this application may be inspected by the public during the hours of 8:00 A.M. – 5:45 P.M., Monday through Thursday, at the Office of the Planning Board at the above-noted address. The Board may adjourn, postpone, or continue the hearing and you are hereby notified that you should make diligent inquiry of the Secretary of the Board concerning such adjournments, postponements or continuations. By: __________________________ Robert D. Mintz, Esq. Attorney for Bryn Mawr DG, Blackwood LLC FREEMAN AND MINTZ, P.A. 34 Tanner Street Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033 File #L22880M (37.84)