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Clementon Park and Splash World Has Amazing Local Food Options with Thrilling and Refreshing Fun (Video!)

Clementon Park and Splash World Has Amazing Local Food Options with Thrilling and Refreshing Fun (Video!)
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South Jersey’s iconic Clementon Park and Splash World is celebrating its 115th year, and for 2023 they have added delicious local food options to compliment their exhilarating and refreshing water park and amusement rides.

In fact, wanting to really upgrade the food to something you just can’t find anywhere else… basically all of the food options are now operated by independent local business owners!

Scroll down for an article tour of the parks and delicious food options, but there is also a VIDEO walking tour. Video at the bottom!

Splash World at Clementon Park is celebrating their 30th Anniversary!

And in the mix are names you likely already know, such as Tim from the Wing Kitchen and Jose from Axo foods!

Both of these talented chefs have been featured at 42Freeway previously, and in fact right now Axo’s full restaurant in Lindenwold is a hotspot for South Jersey foodies.

High atop the Gondola Ferris Wheel Ride at Clementon Park!

I had an awesome time touring the park with General Manager Ed, who guided me through many of Clementon Park’s exhilarating rides, refreshing water slides… and I tried more amazing food in one day than I have in a long long time!

Ed and I spent several hours touring the park on what was likely the hottest day of the year… with an air quality alert in place… but it still turned out to be an awesome afternoon!

Ring-of-Fire is one of the top thrill rides at Clementon Park, and it greets your right at the entrance!

Clementon Park & Splash World

Clementon Park first opened in 1907, and yes has been operating for over 100 years!

Many know that they took a small break a few years ago, but in 2021 they reopened with completely new ownership, who stepped in to save the iconic park from an auction that was likely going to split the facility and its attraction into small pieces.

A classic vintage amusement park experience awaits you at Clementon Park & Splash World!

Today that family owned company operates 3 parks all in the similar, classic old fashioned amusement park style.

Clementon Park is actually 2 parks in one, offering fun amusement rides for kids of all ages as well as a refreshing and exhilarating Splash World waterpark.

The amusement park side has a classic bygone era feel to it, offering classic rides such as the Merry-Go-Round, Gondola Ferris Wheel, Tilt-a-Whirl, Sea Dragon and Log Flume!

Splash World water park featured a variety of slides including a tube slide, a family slide, the lazy river.. and the largest wave pool in South Jersey!

Both parks operate under a single admission fee and with it still being early in the season probably your best bet would be to consider a season pass. It pays for itself in two visits, and you’ll be able to visit as much as you want.

Check out the Video Tour with GM Ed and Mark from 42Freeway! Scroll down!

One of the many amazing things about Clementon Park is its proximity right in the heart of the 42Freeway community.  You literally could use the Splash World as your local swim club, and even pop over after a hot day at work for a dip in South Jersey’s largest wave pool!

Clementon Park also features a full liquor license so that you can refresh yourself with an amazing frozen drink, right in the heart of the water park!

Thrilling Tilt-A-Whirl ride at Clementon Park

And don’t forget they offer group outing packages for those with a minimum of 25 people, with the option of a variety of food catering options.

And speaking of food, ror 2023 the team at Clementon Park has decided to take the food offerings up several notches by bringing in several locally operated food vendors and chefs.

Check out the Video Tour with GM Ed and Mark from 42Freeway! Scroll down!

Wing Kitchen

South Jersey’s famous wingman Tim Witcher has a wing kitchen location in the water park area.  He is offering boneless and bone in wings, chicken sandwiches, french fries and his amazing fried donut coated in powdered sugar and a caramel sauce

During my visit I gave the Wing Kitchen donut a taste, and it’s literally one of those things that every single time you come to the park you’re going to have to buy one!

Wing Kitchen Donuts! Fried, sugared and Carmel Sauce… Wow!!

Axo Tacos

Another big name in South Jersey food, Jose Lorenzo of Axo Foods operates a location in front of the wave pool.

Axo recently opened a full restaurant location in Lindenwold NJ where the Birria Tacos have are wowing South Jersey customers

The “Walking Taco” from Axo Foods at Clementon Park. And yes you can get their famous Birria Tacos also!

and you can get those same Birria tacos right in Clementon Park.

He’s also offering St. corn, mini quesadillas, a walking Taco and more.

I am a huge fan of the axle Birria tacos which I had in their Lindenwold location but during my Clementon park visit I tried The Walking Taco, which features the same Birria beef (or chicken)  along with the freshest ingredients and seasonings

Pudding Palace

The Pudding Palace has a main location in Oakland NJ and for 2023 they’ve also set up shop in Clementon Park the main center concourse area.

They are offering delicious pudding creations as well as milkshakes and ice cream.

During my visit I tried a delicious birthday cake ice cream… and since my birthday falls in the colder months of January, I claimed the hot June day of my visit, my summer birthday.

What is an amusement park without ice cream!? Well at Clementon Park they have Puddin Palace! Ice Cream and Pudding treats… and more!

Fast Track Snacks

Fast Track Snacks offers the classic amusement park food experience with pretzels, nachos, hot dogs and more… except this is also brought to you by Tim from the Wing Kitchen so he’s making sure everything is several steps above what you would expect.

Tim Witcher is in the house! Tim has a Wing Kitchen eatery at Clementon Park, as well as operating Fast Track Snacks and the Clementon Grill!

Supreme Sweets Dessert Shop

Supreme Sweets dessert shop has a location in Willingboro NJ and they’ve opened up a new location in Clementon Park near the front entrance.

They are offering fresh dessert sweets including cupcakes pie cups, cheesecakes..  And they even have vegan options with bean pies and cookies.

Did I say bean pies?  Not something you would typically see in a theme park, and I had a chance to try it….  Absolutely delicious!   It’s a slightly sweet bite with flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Supreme Sweets from Willingboro has set up a shop close to the Clementon Park entrance. Delicious freshly made baked goods and.. bean pie!

Funnel Cake Factory and Dipping Dots

Located near the center of the park funnel cake factory takes what we all know as a traditional carnival treat to a whole another level.   These funnels look amazing and taste even better

I got to try the banana and strawberry funnel cake which has Nutella drizzled over the top of it! Addictively delicous!

Just another one of those amazingly delicious treats that’s going to be tough to walk past without trying

This is not Grandma’s funnel cakes… well sure you can get a traditional funnel cake, but at the Funnel Cake Factory at Clementon Park you can go deliciously extreme, like this banana, strawberry and Nutella variety!

Clementon Grill

Situated next to the Fast Track Snack stand the Clementon Grill offers a more substantial theme park sandwich experience which includes cheeseburgers, cheese steaks, and chicken tenders with fries.

But again these are not your normal theme park food as this is also part of the Wing Kitchen offerings… and when you get those chicken tenders and sauces, you’re getting the flavors from Tim’s special recipes.

The Clementon Grill has cheesesteaks, chicken tenders and more. This is Tim Witcher’s chicken tenders with his amazing “hot and honey” sauce!

Philly Water Ice

it was a hot hot day at the end of June when I visited Clementon Park and let me tell you Philadelphia water ice hit the spot for me… smartly located at the wave pool they also offer fruit bowls and a variety of interesting cool drinks

It was a hot day for my Clementon Park and Splash World visit, and luckily Philadelphia Water Ice is located right at the wave pool

Pizza Hut

Of course you can get pizza at Clementon Park. It wouldn’t be an amusement park without it!

Clementon Park offers the well known Pizza Hut, which offers a variety of personal pan pizzas, breadsticks and cheese sticks, and even a warm chocolate chip cookie.

Warm is a key distinction here as they are literally making everything right there within Clementon Park.   It may take a few minutes to get your order but it’s going to be fresh, delicious and hot

Of course they have pizza at Clementon Park! Pizza Hut… which is made fresh per order. Hot, delicious and their signature crispy crust.

Support a South Jersey Icon, Have an Awesome Time

I read all of the comments at the 42Freeway Facebook page… I see so many get upset over car washes, dollar stores, and warehouses…

Well right in the middle of 42Freeway territory we have Clementon Park, which is a South Jersey iconic place. You literally could not recreate the park or experience today.

The Log Flume at Clementon Park is very unique with most of the ride up over top of Clementon Lake!

And we almost lost it!

So stop in soon to visit Clementon Park & Splash World… and still plenty of summer season left to consider a Season Pass. Pays for itself in 2 visits. And the flexibility is nice when you can just pop over to cool off for a couple hours.

Clementon Park & Splash World Foodie Tour Video

Watch embedded below or click here for YouTube page view

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