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Blair Mountain Biscuit Company Gets Ready for Grand Opening in Blackwood, Targeting This Weekend

Blair Mountain Biscuit Company Gets Ready for Grand Opening in Blackwood, Targeting This Weekend
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Blair Mountain Biscuit Company is a new restaurant coming very soon to the Blackwood section of the Black Horse Pike (Gloucester Township), and is owned by Washington Township resident Ted Miller. We stopped in very recently to check on their progress. Ted and fiancé Tori are doing final clean-up touches on the restaurant in hopes of a soft opening this weekend!

The location for Blair Mountain Biscuit is the former Benny’s Brick Oven Pizza spot, and sits at the front of the building, directly next to Custard Shack and Sap’s Produce Shack.

Read on for info on Blair Mountain Biscuit Company, but for the latest information go LIKE their Facebook page!

Blair Mountain Biscuit Company is located next to The Custard Shack and Produce Shack

Blair Mountain Biscuit Company

Owner and chef Ted Miller is currently a Washington Township resident, but originally was born and raised in Virginia. His fiancé Tori is a life-long Washington Township resident, and yes… Ted moved up to New Jersey for Tori!

In Virginia, Ted was the executive chef at Bluemont Vineyard where Ted developed his signature biscuit recipe.

With is move to New Jersey, Ted was a chef in a Philadelphia restaurant, but Covid caused him to rethink things… and he decided to form his own restaurant around his delicious biscuits and Southern recipes; creating a menu of sandwiches, entrees and more!

When you hear “biscuits” you definitely think of a breakfast place, and Blair Mountain will initially be open until 3pm or so for breakfast and lunch… but their goal is to eventually make this a breakfast, lunch AND dinner restaurant.

And it’s not just about amazing biscuits… Ted is bringing “modern southern fast casual food” to Blackwood… in a restaurant setting described as quirky and upbeat!

Blair Mountain Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich; Even the sausage is made in-house!

The Menu

Of course the Blair Mountain Biscuit Company menu centers around delicuous biscuits and sandwiches, but it is so much more!

Ted’s “Drop” biscuits are offered in two styles; his classic Cheddar & Rosemary, or Vegan.

And if you want to go deliciously simple and Southern… they offer a delicious house made sausage gravy or pepper gravy!

Breakfast sandwiches are taken to another level… well sure you can get an egg & cheese variety breakfast sandwich.

But how about one with house made sausage?! Yes, Ted is making his own biscuits AND sausage!

And almost as common as “Biscuits and Gravy” is… “Chicken and Biscuits”

Blair Mountain Biscuit is offering a Classic Chicken Biscuit featuring Brined & Fried Chicken Breast, with their own specialty sauce.

There is a theme here beyond the biscuits… and it’s “Made from scratch, in house”. They are making the biscuits, they are making the sausage, they are making the gravies, and their own special fried chicken breast recipe?

Is this Diners, Drive-ins and Dives level stuff?!

Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit – Blair Mountain Biscuit Company; Blackwood NJ

Moving through the biscuit sandwich category, they are also offering a Pulled Pork Biscuit… applewood smoked pulled pork!

Ted is even offering several Vegan and Gluten Free menu items… with a house made mushroom scrapple in their Herbivore sandwich!

And as we’ve been saying, the biscuits are just the start of what Blair Mountain Biscuit is offering.

How about a variety of gluten free hand-cut and double fried french fries?!

Sure you can go with a basket of fries… but why not liven them up even more as Cheddar Bacon Ranch fries… or even Pulled Pork Fries!

And one that I can’t wait to try… Breakfast Fries featuring sausage gravy, cheddar and fried egg!

And yes they have a unique Vegan Cheese Fry option.

Pulled Pork Cheese Fries, with BBQ, Pickles and The Bauce!

We mentioned the Southern inspiration for the restaurant and menu… and to qualify there are just certain things you have to offer.

Mac & Cheese as well as Collard Greens are on the side dish menu, as well as Red Cabbage Slaw and a Vegan Mac & Cheese.

Ted tell us that in the future he is planning on expanding his Southern BBQ menu!

Check out the menu online for more details and pricing (which seems very reasonable)

Links and Location

Ted says he hopes to be open for this weekend, maybe as soon as Friday! When we stopped in this past weekend the larger remodeling aspects were done, seating was in place (inside and out), and Ted and Tori where putting away the boxes of supplies and other materials… so assuming those final pieces come together, we should be able to try their delicious Southern biscuits and gravy in just a few days!

Check their Facebook page for the latest “When are you opening?” news!

Blair Mountain Biscuit Company
700 S Black Horse Pike
Blackwood NJ 08012


Mon-Fri: 9am to 3pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-4pm

Facebook: LIKE!


Plenty of seating inside and outside!