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Thai Burger Express in Washington Township is Open! We Tried It!

Thai Burger Express in Washington Township is Open!  We Tried It!
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Thai Burger Express has opened their new location in Washington Township on Egg Harbor Road, currently set up for take-out orders only. Previously they were located in Pitman New Jersey, where they had developed a strong following. As the name suggests, Thai Burger Express features delicious Thai food and juicy burgers!

They are active on their Facebook page, so be sure to like Thai Burger Express’ Page!

Opened This Week in Washington Township

The new location is on Egg Harbor Road across from Shoprite, in the same shopping center as Liscio’s Bakery and Philly Pretzel Factory.

Tuesday July 13th was their first day open and 42Freeway visited just two days later on Thursday.

As mentioned, Thai Burger was originally in Pitman New Jersey and became a very popular and loved eatery.

Unfortunately in July of 2020 they had to leave their Pitman location. Six months later they had signed the contract for a new home in Washington Township, and now six more months later they are open!

Thai Burger Express – 373 Egg Harbor Road Washington Township (Gloucester County). Signage to come!

The restaurant is fully ready to prepare all of your favorite Thai Burger food items, but at this time they are offering pickup and Uber-Eats only.

There is a small front area to order, and the extra space will become an Asian Market with Grab-n-Go items. Currently the space is mostly empty as they await deliveries of the store shelving (global supply chain issues are a real thing!). They are also waiting on the installation of the signage for the restaurant, but they didn’t want to wait any longer to start serving food again to their fans!

Previously this property was the home to 373 American Grill… well half of it. For a variety of reasons the owner of Thai Burger opted to start out with a smaller location in Washington Township, and have only taken over the half which had the kitchen (and the front area for the Market).

As Thai burger rebuilds the business again, there is a chance in some much later date that they are taking over the other half of the restaurant and offering seating.

But again, for now and the near future, pickup only at Thai Burger Express and Asian Market!

Menu: We Tried Pad Thai and the Bacon Cheeseburger

We did not have a chance to visit Thai Burger when they were in Pitman, so this week in Washington Township was the first time we tried the food.

Honestly… I don’t eat a lot of Thai food so I wasn’t sure what to order. And the burger aspect… I believe hamburgers have found a way into Thai food restaurants in general… is it a classic American cheeseburger?

So when the name is Thai Burger, I felt we had to try something from each category. I asked the counter person (who happened to be the son of the owner) which Thai dish we should try, to which he recommended pad thai. I opted to add chicken.

We also ordered a classic bacon cheeseburger.

Pad Thai is a stir fried rice noodle with egg, ground peanut, chives and been sprouts in a sweet tamarind sauce.

And it was exactly all of that! Slightly sweet, with maybe a little bit of heat. Plenty of fresh chicken. Perfectly cooked noodles. Truly delicious!

Pad Thai with Chicken: Thai Burger Express

The cheeseburger was as classic as you can get, and one of the best tasting!

Hand formed fresh Angus chuck. Toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Perfectly crispy bacon… and all burger orders come with french fries. It’s a good size burger!

A hand made cheeseburger with fries.. for $8?! Sign me up!! (bacon cheeseburger is $9)

The cheeseburger really was delicious.. moist, tender and full of flavor!

Classic Bacon Cheeseburger: Thai Burger Express

Other items on the menu:

Currently they are promoting the restaurant on their Facebook page, and the full menu is posted there.

The menu categories feature Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Burgers, Noodles and Fried Rice, Curries, Big Bowl Noodle Soups, Lao, and Chef’s Specialties.

Things we want to try include; General Thai Chicken, Thai Chicken Noodle Big Bowl Soup, Lao Crying Tiger (NY Strip Steak!), Lettuce Wraps and more!

Links and Location

Thai Burger Express and Asian Market
373 Egg Harbor Road
Washington Twp, NJ 08080