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42Freeway First Contest Winners! Next Prizes are Stanch’s Property Services and Pasta Pomodoro

42Freeway First Contest Winners!  Next Prizes are Stanch’s Property Services and Pasta Pomodoro
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Last month on Facebook we announced our first contest… which is tied to subscribing to our email list for new post notifications! The “new post” email is a big benefit for everyone, especially those not on Facebook… so I decided to put up this article to explain… and also let you know about the prizes!

The new contest has started and the next prizes are:

  • A home exterior cleaning from Stanch’s Property Services. A Washington Township based business and family!
  • Gift certificates from Pasta Pomodoro in Washington Township
  • A giant “Jenga” style game!

Read on for details on the prizes, the winners from the last contest, how to enter, and you can check out the “damn that’s a long video” at the end of this post!

Three great prizes! Stanch’s Exterior House Cleaning, Pasta Pomodoro Gift Certificates, and Giant “Jenga” Tower game!

Contest? Did someone say there is a Contest?!
Email Subscribe!

Yes! 42Freeway is running a series of contests in 4-6 weeks batches where we are offering awesome prizes from area businesses and cool products!

All you have to do to be in the drawing is subscribe to the 42Freeway email list!

When 42Freeway posts a new story, the next morning around 7 or 8am you will receive an email with a short intro text to the post and a link to read the full article. If we post multiple stories in the same day, it will be just one email.

The subscription form appears within post content. Once you subscribe, you won’t see it any longer!

Facebook has been one of the key reasons we have grown so much at 42Freeway! All the likes, comments and shares help Facebook identify good content, which means they show the post to more people!

But there are some downsides to Facebook:

  • Not everyone has a Facebook account, or checks it regularly
  • Just because you Follow 42Freeway, doesn’t mean Facebook will share the posts to all followers!

And some people just don’t like Facebook. “Zuckerberg is tracking me! The comments are too crazy! I don’t care about what you had for lunch! Too much politics”

So for a variety of reasons.. subscribe! (Subscribe form is embedded into the article posts.)

Note: For all of the prizes we are giving the winners 2 weeks to respond to the email I send announcing they are a winner, and if no response they are giving up their right to the prize.

New Prizes! Stanch’s Softwash Home Cleaning, Pasta Pomodoro Gift Certificates, and Giant “Jenga”

Maybe this is doing things backwards, but I feel that before we cover the prior winners, let’s talk about what the prizes are for the next 5 weeks!

So when I had the idea of giving back to readers with a contest or three, I thought..

Would area businesses be interested in offering the contest prizes which are given out to readers? That exposure to our readers in a 42Freeway post, Facebook shares, and in the emails should be a great marketing opportunity!

But I never considered we would be giving away a Home Exterior Softwash Cleaning!

Stanch’s Property Services: A Full Home Exterior Softwash Cleaning!

Luke Stanch and Family from Stanch’s Property Services approached 42 Freeway with the idea of offering an exterior house cleaning service… and WE LOVE THE IDEA!

A big bonus is, Luke and his family live right in Washington Township, so they really want to make sure they provide the best service to your home! The Stanch Family also run the well-known Stanch’s Tree Service which also has a great reputation. Truly a name you can trust!

At the end of July we’ll randomly pick an email subscriber to be the winner, and you’ll have 2 weeks to respond!

Stanch’s Property Service: Full exterior home cleaning solutions! 856-625-2283

One main thing before we get too far… Stanch’s is a South Jersey based company and we need the winning property to be located in Gloucester County, Camden County or reasonably close in South Jersey. If you are in an apartment or live out of the area etc., it would make an awesome gift for a friend who does live close! (There are no substitutions for other prizes or cash)

So who is Stanch’s Property Services? A full home exterior cleaning service offering:

  • Softwash Home Cleaning Low Pressure Washing; Siding, Roofs and more!
  • Pressure Washing: A more traditional high-pressure cleaning for sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, or other
  • Paver Sanding and Sealing: Stanch’s will bring life back to your paver patio and protect it for years to come by first cleaning, then sanding the grooves, and sealing the pavers!
  • Fully Insured!
  • And more!
Stanch’s Property Services: The Softwash Process can clean the toughest grime, while not damaging your home! 856-625-2283

From what we’ve seen, Stanch’s is one of the best priced exterior cleaning options out there! Call them today to ask about prices and services. And don’t wait for the contest, if you do pay for Stanch’s cleaning and you end up winning the contest… we’ll make sure you get your money back. 🙂

Low Pressure Softwash

This is what is being offered in our current June/July 2021 contest (for a single family home)!

Low Pressure Softwash is the only way to safely clean your home or business’s exterior without damage.  

At Stanch’s we pair safe detergents with LOW water pressure to restore your house to its NEW look.

You will not have to worry about window seals or high pressure marks from traditional pressure washers. All organic stains mold, algae and mildew will be gone and will not come back for years to come depending on sun exposure and moisture.

Stanch’s uses a safe detergent combined with the low-pressure water spray to clean all surfaces of the home! The detergent makes all of the whites extra bright without damaging.

They even put caps on all exterior home electrical outlets, ring doorbells or other electrical components to keep your home safe!

Stanch’s also offer other techniques for cleaning concrete and paver block!

Stanch’s Property Services: Patio Pavers become new again! Cleaning, sanding and sealing services! 856-625-2283

Stanch’s really cares about your home looking beautiful!

We know 42Freeway fans love to support local businesses… especially when they owners live right in our communities! Well Luke and Family live right in Washington Township, they shop in our communities…. and in fact LUKE was the one who put the Pasta Pomodoro Gift Certificate offering together for us! “We get food from there at least once a week!”

The photos speak for themselves… Luke and the team do amazing work, and they are local!

Stanch’s Property Services
Serving South Jersey, based out of Washington Township
Call! 856-625-2283

Stanch’s Property Services: A Washington Township Family!

Pasta Pomodoro

Pasta Pomodoro has been an Italian food destination in Washington Township for years!

Owner Giovanni and his team use only the freshest ingredients to create delicious pizza, panini, pasta dishes and more!

And they have provided $10 gift certificates for TEN lucky 42Freeway winners! And remember, you only need to be on the mailing list to be in the drawing!

I think we’ll break this one up and pull 5 winners in a few weeks, and 5 more at the end of July.

Pasta Pomodoro – 404 Egg Harbor Road, Sewell NJ 08080

Pasta Pomodoro is located on Egg Harbor Road across from the Acme shopping center.

Their menu features delicious Italian specialties such as; Tortellini Pesto with Grilled Chicken, Penne alla Marcello and Fried Calamari… and they run weekly specials which are promoted on their Facebook page and website!

Everything is made fresh in the restaurant… homemade market dishes, unmatched doughs, and delicious pastas!

Pasta Pomodoro : Tortellini Alfredo with Grilled Chicken

Currently they are operating as takeout only, You can walk-up and order or call 856-256-7799 to order in advance.

Pasta Pomodoro will also cater for your next event or family function!

Pasta Pomodoro: Chicken Parmigiana with side of Penne Marinara

We’ll be back to Pasta Pomodoro later this month for another visit… and as I said, I think we’ll pull 5 of the winners early July!

Pasta Pomodoro: Grilled Shrimp Appetizer

Pasta Pomodoro
404 Egg Harbor Road
Sewell NJ 08080


Giant “Jenga” Game from GoSports

The third prize category for right now is a giant sized “jenga” style block game that you’ve seen at restaurant outdoor decks or parties!

This one starts out at over 2 feet tall, and as the game progresses can get to over FIVE FEET!

And one lucky 42Freeway winner will receive one of these at the end of July! But you need to subscribe to the mailing list!

You can check out (or order) the GoSports Toppling Tower game at Amazon!

Contest Winners: Prior Month

Wow we’ve written alot and haven’t even gotten to the winners of the prior contest yet!

We had 4 prizes last month, who were chosen last week… and we’ve already heard from 3 of them!

In fact the full sized cornhole game has already been delivered!

Last month’s prizes and winners

  • GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set : Fred of Blackwood NJ
  • AMC Two Ticket and Popcorn Pack: Christine from Sewell
  • Uno’s $25 Gift Card : Alice from Deptford
  • Uno’s $25 Gift Card: Unclaimed

Yes we still have one prize that the winner has not claimed. I only have email addresses to contact folks with, so we’ll give until July 4th to reply, and the prize is no longer available.

Note: Any links to Amazon products are part of an affiliate program. If you click through to Amazon and purchase the product, you will pay the published price but a small percentage of Amazon’s profit on the product is provided to 42Freeway for the product promotion

Video on prizes and how I pick the winners