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Blackwood-Clementon Wawa Grand Opening Thursday Aug 31 at 8:00 AM

Blackwood-Clementon Wawa Grand Opening Thursday Aug 31 at 8:00 AM
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A new Wawa Convenience Store and gas station on Blackwood-Clementon road in Gloucester Township is set to open at 8:00am on Thursday August 31st.

There is a Facebook event for the Grand Opening ceremonies which describes the ribbon cutting ceremony as including free coffee, $4.00 shorti hoagies, and the first 100 customers at 8:00 AM we’ll get a free Wawa T-shirt!

Front door sign is up at the new Blackwood-Clementon Wawa, regarding the Grand Opening Thursday Morning 8am

Following the pattern that everyone loves with Wawa grand openings, Wally Goose will be on hand… as well as the Heroes Competition will take place.

The Heroes Competition is where two local town Emergency Services teams compete against each other in a fun competition to build a large Wawa hoagie!

For the new Blackwood-Clementon location I don’t know the two teams competing.. so stop in Thursday morning to find out!

Wawa Facebook Event for the Grand Opening. Click image to view at Facebook

The new Wawa store opens at 8:00 AM, and all the fun grand opening excitement takes place around that exact same time,

I’ve been to one or two of these grand openings and if you’re looking to get one of the 100 free Wawa T-shirts, a line does form in advance of the opening.

The location is at the corner of Blackwood-Clementon Road and Cherrywood drive, and is directly across the side street from the Rite Aid.  A new mod wash car wash is also just a few 100 feet away, just passed the still closed Pizza Hut building.

Free Coffee awaits at the Blackwood-Clementon Wawa, for their Grand Opening Festivities Thurs Aug 31, at 8am

Many folks remember this particular WAWA property as previously being home to the Entenmann’s Bakery retail store and distribution center, as well as a separate small Rita’s Water Ice building.

The large Entenmann’s portion of the property had not been used for several years and honestly was looking a very rundown.

Blackwood-Clementon Wawa opens Thursday August 31st at 8am

All things considered this Grand Opening moved along very quickly for Wawa.

42Freeway first wrote about the initial plans for this store back in June of 2021 when it was initially looking for approval from the Gloucester Township Planning Board.

I stopped in at the store today and walked up to the front glass windows where workers were inside doing final touches on getting the store ready.

Drone image from one month ago, of the Blackwood-Clementon Wawa which opens Thursday August 31

A sign on the front glass door further confirmed the opening for Thursday.

And while I didn’t pop inside to check out the interior, overall this appears to be a very classic “super” Wawa setup with the convenience store positioned in the back furthest from the road, and a large gas station pump area with canopies in front.

And a bonus for Wawa is the property sits on a corner with an existing traffic light, which is a scenario they prefer as it reduces costs and makes the property more accessible to customers.

Blackwood-Clementon Wawa Grand Opening Special

Wawa : Erial and Washington Township

42Ffreeway has also been providing regular updates on two other super Wawas being developed not too far way.

Also in Gloucester Township but in the Erial section, a Super Wawa has been under development most of this year.

In my visit today there was a large number of workers hammering and constructing at all aspects of the property. A very active site!

The Erial Super Wawa is being developed at the corner of Erial-Clementon Road and New Brooklyn-Erial Rd.

The Wawa property was originally made-up of several different individual properties including a bank which sat at the corner, and a few homes which sat along Erial Rd..

A Super Wawa is also under construction in the Erial Section of Gloucester Twp.

In my visit this morning I saw that the main convenience store building is standing with its exterior walls in pace, wrapped in weatherproofing Tyvek wrap ahead of the final exterior stucco being applied.

The full gas station canopy steel framework is in place.

This Erial Wawa was actually proposed before the Blackwood-Clementon location, a year earlier in July 2020.

Wawa Erial Construction Update
Originally a bank and several residential buildings, this property is being redeveloped as a Wawa convenience store

This project did experience some delays related to the pandemic as one of the homes that they eventually demolished for the new Wawa had a resident renter living there… and temporary restrictions around the pandemic allowed the renter to stay additional time at that home, and delaying the project

While I do not have an opening date on the Erial Wawa I think we have a fair shot at an opening before the end of the year lastly.

While not confirmed there is an expectation that the Pine Hill Wawa will close when this new location opens.

5-Points Washington Township

Over in Washington Township at the 5-points intersection where Routes 47 and 41 as well as Egg Harbor Road meet..  A Wawa and Burger King are under construction there.

I’ve been joking about this being a race between Erial and Washington Township locations…  But many aspects of the two projects feel like they are at the exact same point, most notably the 5-points building walls also being at the stage that they are wrapped in Tyvek.

The long awaited 5-Points Wawa in Washington Twp is seeing significant progress. The wood frame on the right is a new Burger King.

This 5-Points Wawa was announced before the other two, but the approval experienced significant delays, some of which was attributed to final authorization on the significant road changes that took place around the property… including the relocation of Blackwood-Barnsboro Road and it all connects to Egg Harbor Rd.

Similarly I do not have a opening date on the 5-points Wawa but I think we have a fair shot of it opening before the end of the year also.

A new Burger King is also under construction at 5-Points in Washington Township, next to Wawa

Wawa Clementon Grand Opening
Thursday August 31, 8:00am
Blackwood Clementon Rd. & Cherrywood Dr.
Clementon NJ

Facebook Event Link