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Banh Mi Factory Coming to Washington Twp. Vietnamese/French Fusion of Sandwiches, Teas, Pastries

Banh Mi Factory Coming to Washington Twp.  Vietnamese/French Fusion of Sandwiches, Teas, Pastries
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Banh Mi Factory is coming to Washington Township, currently building out a unit in the Washington Center Shoppes “Acme” center on Egg Harbor Road. They are targeting an opening this summer.

Banh Mi Factory offers Vietnamese and French fusion sandwich cafe experience offering Banh Mi sandwiches, a selection of spring rolls and egg rolls, pho soup, an expansive drink menu including fruit teas, milk teas and boba, and even freshly baked authentic French pastries, particularly croissants!

The growing brand has several locations in Florida, and the upcoming location in Washington Township will be their first in the northeast.

The shopping center is very long (wide) and Banh Mi Factory will be located on the right side, between Mint Nails & Spa and PRMI Mortgage. They are just a few units away from Bistro Di Marino.

Based on existing locations and website commentary, Banh Mi Factory develops casual but upscale atmosphere cafes designed to make you feel like you’re dining in a Parisian café!

The just created their “Sewell” location Facebook page and you can follow them here. But keep scrolling to learn more!

Banh Mi Factory

Of course banh mi sandwiches are their signature item.. it’s in the cafe’s name!

If you’re unfamiliar with bahn mi, this is a sandwich created on a baguette which has a thin crispy outer crust but a soft and airy inside texture.

Sliced lengthwise like a hoagie, it is filled with a variety of ingredients which typically include meat, pickled vegetables, and chili peppers.

Simply, it is a Vietnamese version of a hoagie.

The online menu for their sandwiches includes 12 different varieties including several pork versions, chicken, meatball, beef, fish and vegetarian.  Most options are priced under $7.50.

French baking and pastries are a part of the Vietnamese cuisine and culture going back to 1861 when France captured Saigon.  Over the next 80 years France remained a presence in Vietnam, bringing along French influences including architecture, food and more…  including the baguette and French pastries.

Which explains why the style of the existing Banh Mi Factory take on a French cafe design… although I don’t know exactly what is planned for Washington Township.

Additionally, to give that full Vietnamese cafe experience Banh Mi Factory also offers French pastries.  Their croissants for example can be ordered as full sandwiches… with the chicken croissant priced at only $7.95.

In the appetizer category they offer their signature spring rolls and egg rolls, but also includes butterfly shrimp, chicken nuggets, and babi puff… which I believe is a small puffed pastry filled with meat and other ingredients.

Another Vietnamese staple makes the menu… pho soup!  I think at this time most people in our area at least know what Pho soup is and have likely tried it.  Banh Mi Factory offers 3 varieties including chicken, veggies and special combination.

The last menu category is their drinks which, is extensive enough that it has its own menu on the website.

Drinks include special fruit teas, milk tea, Vietnamese Phin-drip coffee, Frosties, Voshake and more.

Their website shows an array of beautifully made drinks bursting with color… and we can assume also bursting with flavor!

With their closest locations down in Florida I have not had a chance to visit them yet (but don’t be surprised if I make the trip!)… so this is all I have for now, and as they get closer to opening I’ll be back to write about the experience of Banh Mi Factory!

Links and Location

Banh Mi Factory – Sewell (Washington Twp)
Washington Center Shoppes
415 Egg Harbor Road #21
Sewell, NJ 08080