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Angelo’s Pizza West Berlin All New Restaurant.  Haddon Bagels Coming Soon

Angelo’s Pizza West Berlin All New Restaurant.  Haddon Bagels Coming Soon
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Earlier this year Angelo’s Pizza West Berlin opened in an all new construction building/restaurant on Haddon Ave, less than a mile away from their prior location at the “Ollie Gators” shopping center.

I stopped in last week for a slice of pizza and a coke and I was genuinely impressed by the amazing job the family did in creating an all new building and appealing restaurant… which offers a lot more room for the customers and kitchen staff.

The new pizza restaurant is bright, modern and a much larger restaurant with plenty of front glass to let the neighborhood and sunshine in.  It also features interesting graphic touches explaining the history of the family and their restaurant businesses.

If you are a customer of their former location you’re going to be pleasantly shocked how much more awesome the new Haddon Ave. West Berlin Angelo’s Pizza is!

The new West Berlin restaurant building was developed at the corner of Haddon Ave and Grant Ave in West Berlin, on a lot which was previously empty.

The pizza shop takes up about 3/4 of the building’s first floor and the remaining 1/4 will be home to Haddon Bagels.  In my visit I could see that they are still in the very early stages of building out the bagel interior space…. an opening date is not known.

Angelo’s maintains a social media presence on both Instagram and Facebook.  On Instagram about 10 weeks ago they announced their opening at the new location, but those posts never made it over to Facebook…  where I spend most of my time! Doh! I’ve been tracking the new restaurant since last summer and visited several times… just now found out they opened!

So even though some may think I’m a little late on this news… There are likely many who weren’t aware of this all new Pizza shop!

Angelo’s Pizza – West Berlin

Angelo’s Pizza is a 3rd generation family operated restaurant.  A large photo hanging in the new West Berlin restaurant shows the three generations of family operators; Salvatore, Nonno and Anthony.

Today they operate three pizza restaurants; Voorhees, Riverside, and of course this new one in West Berlin.

The West Berlin building sits up closer to Haddon Avenue and has a considerable parking area in the back.  It appears there are apartments on the second floor,

The design of the building exterior is very attractive with significant windows on the first floor for the restaurant and bagel spaces, as well as built-in awnings and attractive but not overstated signage.

The entrance to Angelo’s pizza is on the corner of the building closest to Grant Avenue and opens first into a small foyer area… which leads directly to the front counter order area.

Customer seating lines the front of the restaurant along the windows, and the pizza counter is on the opposite (back) side of the room along the center wall.

Large white subway tile lines the counter area as well as the back wall.

An overhead dropped wall section offers additional lighting for below, as well as space for a timeline graphic depicting the Angelo’s story…  which goes back to 1959 when Nonna Salvatore Cusumano migrated to America from Carini Sicily on a boat, looking for a better opportunity for his family. His first pizza shop was in Brooklyn NY!

The far side wall is painted solid black with a bold yellow text graphic stating “Life Is Better With Angelo’s Pizza”

It certainly is… and definitely better in their all new restaurant!

My visit was close to dinner time so my late lunch was a simple slice of pizza, which was delicious and a perfect blend of cheese and sauce.

Checking the menu I see they offer a variety of pizzas, cheesecakes, chicken cutlets sandwiches, hoagies, waps and more.

Pizzas are offered in a variety of styles including Brooklyn square pizzas and gourmet recipe pizzas

A variety of pasta dinners are available including spaghetti or penne, penny alfredo with chicken and broccoli, ravioli stuffed shells and more

Well… you can check out the menu online!

If you’ve had pizza from Angelo’s at their old location and haven’t visited them at Haddon Ave yet.. you need to make the visit soon! Well.. anyone appreciating good food and awesome atmosphere would appreciate the visit.

Links and Location

Angelo’s Pizza – West Berlin
168 Haddon Ave
West Berlin, NJ 08091