New Bar! AJ Millers to put Crafthouse Williamstown up on “racks”

A “sort of” new bar is opening in Williamstown!   AJ Millers is taking over the Craft House location which closed abruptly after only 6 months of operation.  42Freeway readers were all over this story, commenting on last summer’s story first to say that the Craft House was closing Feb 14, then to let me know that its already gearing up for a re-opening as AJ Millers.

The location has been known for decades, as mentioned most recently known as Craft House, before that it was Taylor’s, and decades ago it was the Alpine.  I honestly don’t know the other steps in between (if there were any).  As Taylor’s and the Craft House, the property was owned by Taylor Mill who has been in the bar business at least 30 years, owning famed Cherry Hill establishments such as Wok N Roll, Gatsby’s, and the large Rt 70 location now called Craft House.

So I don’t post unsubstantiated facts… but the most recent commenter on last summer’s post about the CH, said that the new owner’s are from Rack’s in Atco NJ.  While I wasn’t able to speak to anyone there, I had already known the owner’s name at Rack’s was Alisha, and a quick Google search tells me her full name is Alisha Miller.   AJ Miller?  While the family name connection is clear, a commenter has added that the new bar is actually named after a family member!

That being said, its not clear yet to this writer if ownership of the Williamstown location has changed, or if its simply a management contract.

I’ve honestly never met Alisha of Rack’s, but I have had friends tell me her success story with Rack’s (friends of friends had worked there).  It really does sound like a great story that I’d like to know more about, so maybe as they get closer to opening the AJ Millers Pub, she’d be willing to chat with me a bit about her story, plans for the new pub, and where she sees her empire growing to.

It seems the bar will not be closed long as they’ve already started the hiring process.  Two Craigslist posts offer interview days and times and you need to act NOW it looks like the last day is Tuesday 2/24.    All Positions    Door Men

I know little of the details on the plans for the location, but one thing I like is that Rack’s has always been a big supporter of the live music scene and the Craigslist ads reference live music.. so it will be great to have another awesome venue along Rt 42 to catch live entertainment.

More info to come!

(Note: there is a Miller’s Ale House chain which has a location in Mt Laurel and while there are name similarities I do not believe them to be connected in any way)

14 thoughts on “New Bar! AJ Millers to put Crafthouse Williamstown up on “racks””

    • I just drove by this week, and yes.. I too saw that things abruptly stopped a couple months ago.

      I sent the owner a message via social media. Hopefully he responds
      I also have a pic of his business card saved at home on my PC and if I dont hear from him I’ll call him.

      I’ve been holding off on an official blog post about it, waiting for more solid signs of construction.

    • I have been in contact with the owner. He wants to meet with me in a few weeks, but I’ve heard activity was taking place at the site. I’m going to post about it this week before I get “scooped” ha.

  1. Any word on what caused the previous owners to close after only six months?

    My friend from Cherry Hill and I always liked going there before seeing a show at the Grand. I liked their portabella mushroom cap on a bun with spinach, pesto and provolone–tasted good and pretty guilt-free.

    • My understanding is up till now, it was all the same owner “Taylor” who also owns the Cherry Hill location. The Williamstown location was actually closed through a lot of the summer in 2014, and when it reopened as CraftHouse that was still the same owner, just trying something new.
      So it seems he decided to give the folks from Rack’s a shot?!

    • Sad to see them go, their food was awesome!! Unfortunately they served minors and had to close for a short while and had two years to sell their liquor license. Lets hope that AJ Millers has some great food…can’t wait to try it out! 🙂

      • The food is the best food I’ve had at a bar hands down in south jessey staff were fast personable and took your order accurately little to no wait time between orders kept up with the drinks and all food was cooked perfectly wide selection of craft beers and domestic ones as well. I have been eating and drinking at this location back when it was the alpine and I must say the place has never looked better and the food has never been as good as it is now will definitely be eating at this bar and grill again and again I recommend it to anyone in the area

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