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New Double-Sized Total Wine Cherry Hill Is Open! Unique Features Including a Classroom!

New Double-Sized Total Wine Cherry Hill Is Open!  Unique Features Including a Classroom!
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The new double-sized Total Wine & More store in Cherry Hill opened this week… a relocation from their existing store in the same shopping center next to the Cherry Hill Mall.

But you’ve likely never seen a liquor store like this.

First off, it is clearly one of the larger liquor stores in the area. Their former store was already pretty big at 23,000 square feet, but the new one clocks in at over 43,000 sf.

While they are still finishing the front façade, the new Total Wine store in Cherry Hill is open and fully complete inside.

And in that space not only are they offering additional room for inventory, but they’ve added some unique aspects such as a high tech dedicated classroom, tasting areas for wine and breweries (and liquors) and even a large cigar humidor room.

42Freeway first brought this to readers back in April of 2022 and at that time they had hope to be open before the Christmas season… Well that’s in the past, and today they’re just happy to be open now to serve the Cherry Hill and the South Jersey public.

I stopped in earlier today to check the place out and caught up with stored general manager Kim… who lives in the core 42Freeway area and is a loyal reader of the site!

The new Total Wine liquor store in Cherry Hill NJ is larger, more inventory and more space for customers to move around.

Total Wine & More Cherry Hill

Total Wine and More is located in the Plaza at Cherry Hill shopping center.

This is the shopping center that has an Aldi grocery, and not just one… but two music superstores with Guitar Center and Sam Ash.

As mentioned Total Wine has been located there for many years and they’ve relocated to the other part of the “L-shaped” center, to a spot that some of us old timers remember as being where Today’s Man was located.

Some exterior work and signage is still taking place outside, but inside everything’s 100% ready!

The space is all new, bright and friendly.

It’s in the name… a huge wine selection awaits at the new Total Wine store in Cherry Hill, NJ

Interior design aspects feature a light brown flooring which sets a nice canvas for the black lacquered shelving, earth tone signage, and bright lighting which nicely highlight the products.

Absolutely the extra space has allowed them to put additional product out on the floor.

But they’ve also increased the spacing between the aisles, which is just one of many aspects the Total Wine team targeted in improving the shopping experience for their customers.

And it’s very common for liquor stores to feature specific products in attractive but large centerpiece aisle displays.   But usually a liquor store is jamming those displays into an already tight aisle… but it’s clear to me that the Total Wine folks thought this through and allocated space for feature displays, by companies such as Bulleit Whiskey and Absolute Vodka.

This beautiful classroom is part of the Cherry Hill Total Wine experience! Scheduled classes for you.. the customer!

Total Wine & More: Classroom, Tasting Areas and Cigars

But they have some other really interesting surprises in store for consumers.

The biggest one is the onsite classroom!

The classroom is an attractive dedicated space at the back of the store with high top table seating for 40 people.

The tables are positioned to face the front of the room where a multimedia television is set up, as well as a front counter area.

The signage above the large television describes the space and the classes within it as “The World of Wine, Beer & Spirits”

These classes are for you… the customer!

The current list of classroom events at Total Wine in Cherry Hill. Check it regularly as they will be adding more!

Total Wine will be hosting a variety of scheduled classrooms experiences for their customers covering topics from wine, to cocktails, bourbons and even wine pairings.

Right now the upcoming class schedule features 11 classes through the summer Please note that many of these classes do have a small class fee of $10.

Some very specific examples are:

  • Abracadra: The Magical Alchemy Behind Classic Cocktails
  • Sip ‘n Snack Pairiings
  • Bourbon  – America’s Native Spirit
  • One Tequilla, Two Tequilla, Three Tequlla, More!
The Total Wine Cherry Hill Classroom

Cigars are also a prominent aspect of the new Total Wine in Cherry Hill.

A large glass-enclosed cigar space is in the front corner of the new store.

The two corner walls of the cigar space feature 9 rows of cigars. With the other two walls of the enclosed space being glass… it still feels open to the store while also still being private.

Photo through the glass into the Cigar Room at Total Wine in Cherry Hill NJ

Overall this is a good sized space of around 500 square feet, that is jam packed with cigars.  While I am not a regular cigar aficionado I have to believe that this inventory holds up against many of the other cigar shops.

Cigars are a big part of the offerings at Total Wine in Cherry Hill, and they get a dedicated room!

Total Wine and more of Cherry Hill also has a liquor license which allows them to offer tastings of the alcohol products, which it seems they will be doing with vendors on an event schedule.

On the left side of the space near the classroom, they have a center wine tasting area (with signage saying “Be 21 and have ID ready”)

Sampling booth in the Wine section of Total Wine in Cherry Hill

And along the far right wall of the liquor store (near the cigar room)  is the “Brewery District” which is currently offering weekend samplings.

But it’s much more than a beer sampling area as the events listed on the chalkboards in this space highlight vodka, seltzers and sparkling cocktails scheduled events.

As an example, for this weekend on June 9th, Mudhen Brewing will be on site from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

The brewery district features samplings from breweries, distilleries and more. A schedule of events is available on the side chalkboards. Mudhen Brewing will be in store on Opening Weekend Saturday!

Lastly, along the front are eight cash register lanes!

I think that covers the highlights of the new, beautiful and innovative liquor store…  but be sure to stop in and check things out for yourself.

Total Wine Cherry Hill Grand Opening Promotion through 6/24

Links and Locations

Total Wine & More – Cherry Hill
2100 Route 38 and Mall Drive
Cherry Hill, NJ