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Brunchaholics Cherry Hill Opens Friday October 20th. Preview Visit

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill Opens Friday October 20th.  Preview Visit
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A second location of Brunchaholics brunch cafe opens in Cherry Hill on Haddonfield Road, Friday October 20th.  This is the second location for the Aaron Anderson restaurant team, with their first Brunchaholics being located on Aramingo Ave. in Philadelphia.

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill opens Friday October 20th at 7am

I caught up with Aaron today at his new Cherry Hill location on the eve of the Grand Opening. Aaron tells me that he’s excited to be opening  his second location in South Jersey … and he has big plans to take the Brunchaholics breakfast and lunch eatery to all of the major markets in the United states.

The Cherry Hill location is at 1200 Haddonfield Rd, close to the Route 70 intersection.  Previously the unit was home to Zoe’s Cafe which closed earlier in the year.

If there was a single signature dish at Brunchaholics.. it has to be the French Toast Cobbler. French toast, bourbon apples, cookie crumbles and a vanilla butter drizzle! (Image: Brunchaholics)

With their original Philadelphia location, Brunchaholics has quickly developed a reputation for delicious and innovative brunch menu items including their signature French Toast Cobbler… which includes cookie crumbles and bourbon apples with vanilla butter.

Or for lunch how about a Jerk Salmon Cheesesteak… or the Lunchaholic which features four shrimp, 4 wings, four hush puppies, fish and fries served with your choice of hot truffle, tartar or cocktail sauce.

The Brunchaholics counter space at their new Cherry Hill location.

I’m hoping that when I return for breakfast on Friday he still has the Brunch Pot Pie available. It looks to be as much breakfast as lunch… with eggs, potatoes, breakfast meat, country gravy, and a buttermilk biscuit topping.

The menu is delicious and innovative.

A unique aspect of the menu is every 30 days Aaron changes things up. While he keeps some of the top classics such as the signature French Toast Cobbler on the menu, he will mix things up giving you reasons to return again and again.

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill opens Friday October 20th at 7am

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill

The Cherry Hill location at 1200 Haddonfield Road is the leftmost unit of a three business building.  It has a distinctive black and white style on the exterior with a large patio space out front

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. With this being opening weekend, Aaron promises a celebration all weekend long with some special guests in the building at times.

Inside the foyer area is a really unique multi-bubble lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling which immediately lets you know this is going to be a little bit more than your traditional brunch café,

A modern-urban style which takes advantage of the natural light while keeping the space more private to the outside. Brunchaholics Cherry Hill opens Friday Oct 20th

Inside Brunchaholics it carries the same black and white color scheme as outside, and presents it in a modern-urban style.  It’s comfortable, it’s cozy, and it will work great for his upcoming franchise model… it is has an independent cafe style vibe to it, that will also carry well as a franchise… without feeling like franchise!

The front dining area in Cherry Hill has tall narrow windows on the two main walls which bring in a lot of light from the outside, but still keeps things private and cozy inside so that you don’t feel like you’re on display to the outside world.

The top portion of this space is white with Brunchaholics logos around the middle of the walls. The lower portions of the walls are black… which is carried into the tables, booths, and metal chairs..

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill counter area

Along the back wall is a counter area raised up high almost like a bar, with high top tables.  It has a wood grain top and stone face front with distinctive intertwining strands of light over top of the countertop.

I’m not gonna lie.. a part of the reason why I stopped in today on the eve of the Grand Opening was to hopefully catch them working in the kitchen testing out last minute food prep… and maybe grabbing myself the taste of the French Toast Cobbler!

An innovative brunch menu awaits you at Brunchaholics Cherry Hill. (Image: Brunchaholics)

But it seems Aaron and the team have everything ready to go for tomorrow morning! Really the activity thing taking place was the installation of two televisions, and then some final cleanup.

I’m contemplating coming back tomorrow morning for the opening and grabbing some breakfast.   Maybe I’ll do some vertical TikTok videos of my dining experience! Been telling myself for over a year that I will be doing more!

As mentioned Brunchaholics Cherry Hill opens at 7am every morning, and closes at 7pm. Stop in this weekend and check out the creative menu!

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill – Opens Friday Oct 20, 2023
1200 Haddonfield Road
Cherry Hill NJ

Brunchaholics Philadelphia – Open!
2499 Aramingo Ave Ste E,
Philadelphia PA 19125

Brunchaholics Cherry Hill