Dough Life Opens in Deptford Mall

Everything about it says ice cream shop… from the freezer units, to the round product barrels filled with bright colors, to the waffle cones… but this is dough. Edible dough.

Dough Life opened today in the center of the Deptford Mall, in a great location next to the Disney Store and Just feet away from the center court Starbucks

Its a new idea to me, and in googling I see that covered that a store was coming. I tried the S’mores and it was very good… it’s almost like tricking your brain because as you take a bite you are expecting cold creamy ice cream, and instead it’s delicious dough. Extra sweet!

Opened today so give them a try!

3 thoughts on “Dough Life Opens in Deptford Mall”

  1. Delicious, such a fresh modern concept. And the BROWNIE was AMAZING! They are happy to you sample!

  2. I’m chubby enough already, but there is zero chance I won’t stop in to try them next time I’m @ the mall! 🙂

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