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The massive 295/76/42 Direct Connect project which is centered in Bellmawr has seen significant progress over 2019… but as we got closer to the end of 2019, many felt like things slowed up, with the number of visible trucks and workers reduced significantly.  But NJDOT assures you that things are still moving… as we reached out to Steve Schapiro, NJDOT Deputy Director of Communications, to get an update.

Well let’s start with a short summary… work is still progressing on “Contract 3” of the four contract project, but current efforts are less visible to the public (such as foundations for elevated roadway support poles off to the side) and some of thos support piers are pre-cast off site, so things are happening but not seen.  Later portions of Contract 3 will have very significant visible aspects including the core mainline elevated  295 roadway!

Construction started in 2013 and the original press release planned on 8 years, ending in 2021.  The ending date appears to have slipped several years to 2024 (but much of the new roadway will be in use before then).  And the cost has gone up a few percentage points.  The delay is attributed to bridge pier work for the mainline 295 roadway needing a redesign.  Keep in mind that for this project they have to keep 100s of Thousands of cars moving through the roadways as they completely rebuild it. If they could’ve blocked all traffic while rebuilding I bet it would’ve been a 3 year project. Ha!

And before we jump too deep in, I just wanted to thank Stephen and his staff, and all of the NJDOT personnel for providing details to our questions for this post, and of course thank you to the engineers and construction workers who I honestly believe have a great plan and are doing a great job executing.  But then again, there’s still some questions!

Photos in the post and a short aerial video at the bottom of this post!

Note: This article was published close to Midnight 2/5 and I woke up at 6:30am and did some updates to make it more clear that the delays are attributed to redesign work needed in the main support piers

Direct Connection Bellmawr: North from Bellmawr Park

What’s the Purpose?  A Quick Refresher

There are many problems with the original “evolved over decades” implementation of the massive interchange, and this Direct Connect redevelopment aims to solve them.  I’ve talked at length about the project and how traffic will flow, but here is a quick benefit.

  • Create direct routes for cars.  Currently much of the traffic is funneled into a central roadway.  With many lanes coming in, many lanes exiting, and cars needing to switch from one inbound lane into different outbound lanes… well it just turns into a constant jam-up of cars as people need to criss-cross and merge.
  • Straighter 295 Route (Removing “Al-Jo’s Curve”:  Similar to the first bullet but worthy of calling out separately, if you’ve ever traveled 295 South through that area you’ve driven the large curved “Al-Jo’s Curve” passage which takes cars WAAAY out of the way into Mt Ephraim on a dangerously sharp curve, to then bring you back into the main roadway.  Wouldn’t it be more logical to have cars just travel straight across Bellmawr?  That’s what Direct Connect solves.. hence the name!
Direct Connection Bellmawr: The new elevated 295 atop the “tunnel”

Contract 3: Big Things Take Time to Do It Right

Stephen speaks to my question regarding “it appears that progress has slowed significantly or even stopped”:

“We are currently working on Contract 3.  The work taking place now is constructing the pier foundations for the I-295 mainline direct connection over I-76/Route 42, which is the main portion of this contract. The foundation work is below ground level and therefore less visible to the public. In addition, it is being done off of the roadway and therefore does not affect traffic”

So yes absolutely there is work taking place in one section of the roadway closest to the St Mary’s Cemetery Mausoleums.  Everyone can see the large elevated ramp which ends at the mausoleums.  This is the point where the completed elevated roadway becomes airborne via large support columns, and then the roadway will head over top of the Browning Road Bridge.

“Contract 3 began in April 2017 and is expected to finish late 2024. The main focus of this contract is completing the new bridge, which is the I-295 mainline direct connection over I-76/Route 42.”

That’s a very important of where we are now.. in Contract 3 the main goal in is to construct what will be the most significant and visible change to the roadway… the elevated 295 roadway.  Cars will be traveling over 50 feet in the area above Browning Road, above the lower roadway we have now, and the new mainline roadway will remove the need for the Al Jo’s curve for drivers traveling 295 South and heading on down past Bellmawr towards Delaware!

Bellmawr’s Browning Road Bridge and center support columns for Temporary bridge.

The Browning Road Bridge: 42Freeway Still Not 100% Clear on Date

So if you’ve been following along with us for prior updates, the glaring visible delay for locals is the Browning Road bridge.  The final plan is to replace that bridge but to get there, a temporary bridge needs to be constructed next to it to route traffic away as the current bridge location is rebuilt.

Back in May 2019 we had the following from NJDOT:

…the temporary Browning Road Bridge superstructure and deck work will begin upon completion of a pier for the Route 42 northbound to I-295 northbound bridge, which will be a permanent structure. This pier work is going a little slower than expected, but should still be complete this summer. Once it is complete, work will continue on the temporary Browning Road Bridge. The temporary bridge is expected to open to traffic this winter. Once traffic is on the temporary bridge, the existing Browning Road Bridge will be demolished and the new bridge construction will start.  Construction of the new bridge is expected to take about a year and a half to complete.

And the significant thing about that prior paragraph… so the delay is not the Browning Road bridge itself, but the 295 pier project has experienced delays and that needs to be completed before the temporary bridge can be installed.  And it seems that delay has been even longer than expected.  It was expected that the Bellmawr temporary bridge to start construction last summer, and by winter (this winter) we should be driving across it.  Then it’s another 18 months to build the permanent browning road bridge….which all adds up to the 1-2 year delay on the project.

In an article at in December, it adds this quote regarding the delays “the schedule is off by about two years from a 2022 completion date because some modifications had to be made to pre-cast pier designs

One rumor going around Bellmawr is there were delays with moving utility lines, but it seems that they current delay is focused on the pre-cast support piers needing a redesign.

One last comment on this section is there doesn’t seem to be a problem with the contractor’s efforts as the State just awarded them another large contract on another nearby project!  More on that in a later post!

Bellmawr Direct Connect Elevated Roadway Will Start Here

Contract 3 Other Aspects and 2019 Successes!

Stephen provided us with this nice summary of what remains in Contract 3, which is a big one!

Other work that remains on this contract includes:

  • Browning Road Bridge reconstruction
  • I-295 north abutments
  • I-295 south abutment and retaining wall
  • Several piers for the I-295 bridge and for the Rt. 42 northbound to I-295 northbound bridge
  • Concrete median on Rt. I-76.

And he also follows up completed efforts for 2019

  • two bridge abutments
  • installation of noise walls between Bellmawr Park and I-76
  • the retaining wall for I-295 southbound from Contract 2 limits to Rt. 42
  • Completed road construction in Bellmawr Park Mutual Housing Authority

In addition, a majority of the retaining wall and noise wall between the New Saint Mary Cemetery and future I-295 northbound elevated section have been completed, and work has started on several bridge piers.

I’ll add that the previously mentioned ramp which starts on the right of 42 North also was predominantly developed in 2019 (well the way I remember it!)

Direct Connect Looking Towards Bellmawr Park, the Completed Sound Barriers and the “chute”

To close out the NJDOT project update, a Contract Summary:

Contract 1 and Contract 2 are complete and much of the work in those contracts was more visible to motorists, such as replacing bridges and building new ramps. Installation of noise walls, retaining walls and two bridge abutments, already completed as part of Contract 3, was more visible then the current work on the pier foundations.

Later aspects of Contract 3, such as reconstructing the Browning Road Bridge, constructing the I-295 piers once the foundations are complete, and building bridge abutments will be more visible. As the project advances, NJDOT will provide information about any changes to traffic patterns.

Contract 4 is expected to go to bid in 2022 and begin construction shortly after. It will include the completion of work along I-76/Route 42, I-295 northbound, the ramp from I-295 south to I-76 west and the remainder of the ramp from I-295 south to I-76 east/Route 42 south.

Still to Come in Later Posts:  Missing Moves

“What about being able to drive from 42North to 295South, and vice versa?”    Well that is a second project called Missing Moves.   We describe it here, and will have another post on it very shortly.

  • An update on the Route 42 Timber Creek Bridge delays.
  • The status of the Missing Moves project
  • And maybe another video explanation of the Direct Connection project!

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  1. Once this project is completed, will there be a way to get directly from 42 North onto 295 South? Currently, one must get off at the Route 130 exit and hop on 42 South to get to 295 South. Its crazy!

    1. That is “Missing Moves” and is a separate $200 mill project! That road will go through the Bellmawr landfill!
      Ive posted on that previously (with video) but I hope to have an update very soon.

  2. I just wanted to say that you are amazing! The updates and articles you provide are absolutely wonderful. You are a treasure to South Jersey. Your reports are always thorough and an easy read. You work hard to pay attention to details. Your reporting helps us stop all of the guessing that we used to have to rely on and then just wait and see. In this particular article about road construction, it is so great to know that progress is being made because sitting in that nasty traffic everyday is enough to cause road rage. I love the aerials and the fact that you got up to update the article at 6:30 am. Your voice over is particularly pleasant. You made me laugh when you said Al-Jo’s. I haven’t heard that in years, and I love that memory. I don’t know you, so please don’t think I am gushing all over you. I am stating the facts with my feelings. I hope one day you receive acknowledgment for your journalism. You deserve it. God bless you.

    1. Mary-Anne! Thank you so much for this amazing compliment! I honestly don’t know what to say. It’s a lot of fun for me tracking down these stories and being creative in how I can present them… but to then get such great positive feedback like yours… it’s just awesome and I feel very fortunate that the site is having a positive impact on people. Thank you again! Mark

  3. The speaker on the video must be an old timer. I haven’t heard the 295 ramp on the southbound side called the Al-Jo’s curve in the best part of 30 years❗️

    1. Old enough to remember the building! I was only in there as Al-Jo’s as a kid with my father and never actually had an adult beverage there until it was Mako’s. But I only missed it by a couple years! But that name “Al-Joe’s Curve” still lives on long after the bar is gone!

    1. Joe thanks for letting me know! I have to admit… I wasn’t aware of this one! Crazy in my home town! I just posted this afternoon!

      1. No problem! I actually found out about it yesterday via an ad on the coaster at the mile bar in Runnemede.

  4. On your midgvrdfrnt video, you mentioned Pro Bass Shops several times. Is there a store coming to town?

  5. On your most recent video, you mentioned Pro Bass Shops several times. Is there a store coming to town?

    1. I really shoudlve explained better. It was in the running 10 years ago and widely publicized so I just assume everyone knows, but it never came together. adding a commetn to the post…
      never materialized becuase of road access and the landfill not being ready. It’s dead now unfortunately.

  6. I was wondering if anybody could tell me who I could contact to see if they would consider putting a sound wall between Rt55 and the Timber Creek bridge, on the creek side (north side). The road noise across the water is amplified into Runnemede.

  7. After seeing this site, I feel better that I’m not the only person highly interested in this project where I would drive out of my way just to see the progress of this billion dollar jigsaw puzzle. I can’t wait to see what other things are to happen and come of it. This is my Christmas and birthday wrapped into one gift and I can’t wait to open it!

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