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42Freeway Destinations : Let’s Go On A Roadtrip! Video!

42Freeway Destinations : Let’s Go On A Roadtrip!  Video!
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42Freeway Destinations is a new section of the popular 42Freeway website… focusing on interesting places to visit in and around South Jersey and the Delaware Valley.

Yes… we are talking more than just new businesses! 

And yes… we are talking more than just the 42Freeway corridor!

Interesting sites and places; parks, brewerises, kids fun, kayaking, the Jersey Shore and more!   

To be clear… 42Freeway “classic” is unchanged and will continue to bring you the latest in new retail, restaurant and road news in the extended 42Freeway area!

Here is the video, but read on past it for the write-up if you like!

It’s The Same Site?  Isn’t It?

The classic 42Freeway site and Facebook page has developed a following of fans who appreciate knowing about new retail and restaurants coming to our area… you’re the type of person who wants to learn about interesting things, and try new things.  “Oh cool!  I didn’t know that!!  We have to do that!”

Well 42Freeway Destinations is an extension of that!  42Freeway Destinations will take readers around South Jersey and the area to try out interesting things… and we’re going to share the experience with readers… with all the details you need to try it out yourself.

As an example… Sure you’ve heard you can walk across the Ben Franklin Bridge.

But do you know where to go? Where do you park?  Is it safe?  What’s cool to do on the Philly side?

Well “Walking the Ben Franklin Bridge” is an upcoming destinations post!

You Can Get There From Here!

The new section is easy to find… on a desktop browser there is a section on the upper right.  Just click.  On mobile, it moves below the last post or article.  Choices area also listed in the menu.

On Facebook we decided to give Destinations their own separate page… Go Like Please!  42Freeway Destinations

We get AMAZING support from the readers!  Blown away by the love for the site!   Oh and the reaction on Facebook is unprecedented!!

But something I noticed… our typical post has a “life-span” of a day or two.   Which makes a lot of sense considering a 42Freeway post is news, and once the core readers know it… the readership dwindles until the next post. 

But it’s like a pedal powered airplane… as long as Mark keeps cranking out the posts the 42Freeway plane continues to fly… but stop pedaling for a bit and things kind of plummet. ha!  

So with 42Freeway Destinations we are going to target additional posts that hopefully for years to come we expect people to search for.

Putting the website traffic aside…  it really does seem like a perfect match for what 42Freeway readers are interested in!

The master plan is… well from our Ben Franklin Bridge example, wouldn’t it be nice that as people all over the Delaware Valley want to know the process of getting to the bridge and walking across… that Google sends them to Destinations?

Well that’s the plan at least.   🙂

So you can pick your path…  One or both:

Posts about interesting day trips and adventures in South Jersey and the Delaware Valley

That means Destination posts…

  • will not be limited to the traditional 42Freeway corridor!  Where ever our travels take us!
  • will not be about new businesses news.   We’ll still have for that!   Well if that new business has an interesting experience behind it… maybe it shows up in both sections!
  • will be about;
    • Interesting parks you didn’t know about
    • Cool businesses to have fun at!   Family, kids, and adults
    • Interesting breweries, wineries and distilleries
    • And more!

Dude.. Another Site?  Don’t You Have 10 Already?

42Freeway is the mothership.  We have a great thing going here.  Awesome fanbase, incredible niche.. and yeah, Mark is making a little bit of money from the ads.

And there is still an awesome day job in the mix too. Ha!

And countless ideas for new blogs.

It just doesn’t add up.  The time doesn’t add up.

And one thing I’ve learned with all my blogs is, it’s much easier to blog about places I am already at.  Which has been a problem with my Marlton Pike page, as an example.  Great idea that will get more love eventually, but Mark just isn’t out in that area enough right now.

So the primary focuses for Mark will be:

  • Classic News Posts.  And they (finally, again) will start picking up
  • 42Freeway Destinations posts.  This will be less frequent, maybe a little longer at times.. and will take more work to put together as it is expected they will be very “How do I do this too” informative.
  • And then there is that other site I haven’t really mentioned…  well more on that later.

So a few sites are left hanging around a bit waiting to catch a strong breeze of time later on down the road.

Sites not getting a lot of direct attention from me for a while..

  • : Site content similar to 42Freeway, but focused on Cherry Hill, Mt Laurel, Marlton etc.
  • Wild Over The Wildwoods:  Same as above, but for the Wildwood / Cape May area.
    • But… we expect many Destinations posts for the Wildwood area that we will share at the Wild Over The Wildwoods Facebook page.
  • And any of the other 90+ domains that I own.  Seriously… I have almost 100.

Oh and one last thing… I keep toying around with the idea of a regular video blog on South Jersey retail.  Podcast?  Video Blog?   Something will happen.  And yes, I have a domain name for that!

So go like the new 42Freeway Destinations page… and let’s see how this goes?!