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Union Lake Crossing Millville Adding Fun City, Five Guys, Crumbl, Skechers and Inspira and More!

Union Lake Crossing Millville Adding Fun City, Five Guys, Crumbl, Skechers and Inspira and More!
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Millville’s Union Lake Crossing shopping center on Delsea Drive at the Route 55 exit already offers Target, Kohl’s, ShopRite, Ross… and they’ve extended their homerun streak with impressive signings including Fun City, Five Guys, Crumbl cookies, Sketchers and Inspira health.

They also recently celebrated the opening of Cato Fashions, as well as an expansion of the Five Below store.

Union Lake Crossing Millville has become a Power Center shopping destination with top-quality National tenants.

And even with all of those exciting new tenants, their marketing brochure indicates that two of the few remaining units are in the final negotiation stages for leases!

Fun City is the largest of the bunch and is likely the next tenant to open…  possibly later this month! I will have a separate post on Fun City when they get closer to opening, and possibly on the other stores as each has their Grand Openings

So I thought I’d do this collective multiple-tenant article just to catch people up on things!

Folks will ask “When?!”. The only project I have a clue on is Fun City… Week or two?

Fun City Adventure Park

Fun City Adventure Park is a large 36,500 sq ft children’s indoor action and fun facility, and they are opening very soon at Union Lake Crossing.

The location for the upcoming Fun City is at the back of the shopping center property, in the former Dick’s Sporting Goods.   It’s the building at the back of large parking lot with ShopRite on the right side, and Fun City on the left (next to Staples)

Fun City Adventure Park Millville looks to open very soon.. End of January?

I stopped by when I visited earlier this week. Looking through the front door I could see that basically all of the fun and exciting play equipment was in place including numerous climbing, swinging, video games and other fun activity elements.

Well to be fair the Fun City properties are large and offer hours of fun to your kids, so I am not saying I could say even a fraction of the full facility from my vantage point at the front door!

Fun City also has a location in Blackwood Washington Township, which opened in August of 2022.

Most equipment is in place as of last week, at the upcoming Fun City in Millville.

I visited that Blackwood location when it opened and found a really amazing array of trampolines, ball pits, slides and numerous crazy innovative ninja style climbing challenges.   As I stood there and looked at the seemingly endless array of activity setups, I wished I was nine years old because I think I would have crushed-it at Fun City!

I’ve been in touch with area Fun City management who tell me they are getting very close to opening in Millville, but they are just working on the final punch list of items. An exact opening date is not locked in.  Based on my observations and reading between the lines, it seems like they’re really trying to open before this month (January) is out.

Five Guys

I think everyone is familiar with Five Guys..  A simple burger, fries and shake restaurant chain which has an excellent reputation for being one of the tastiest burgers you can buy.

They are moving into a unit at the front of the shopping center, in a space directly next to Buffalo Wild Wings.

People have been eagerly awaiting this location for months because Five Guys went ahead and put their signature outdoor signage up on the unit before any other construction took place.  With it’s location facing directly onto Delsea Drive, folks have been looking forward to their opening since September of 2023!

The signage has been up for months for Five Guys Millville, but interior construction appears to be in the earlier phases.

While I would estimate they are likely the next business to open after Fun City, I looked into the front glass and I could see that they still have a “bit of a ways” to go before opening day.  The inside walls were mostly just framed out.

I am a huge fan of Five Guys burgers and I almost always order mine “All The Way” which includes; tomatoes, pickles, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, and mustard.

It makes for a giant, messy, juicy, and delicious burger with just the right combination of flavors… to really make each bite a delicious one!

Another huge plus for me is Five Guys only serves “natural cut” French fries. It’s a simple recipe that works; you take a potato, cut it, and fry. End. I don’t understand why so many other restaurants are serving the batter coated fries now!

Both Five Guys and Crumbl Cookies are coming to the front building of the Union Lake Crossing Shopping Center.

Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies appears to be a more recent signing for the Millville shopping center, and they are moving into the same building as Five Guys… just one unit down from the burger restaurant.

In between the two new popular eateries is a Charles Schwab office and the folks that work there better find time to head over to the gym!  In fact this one small building fronting Delsea offers Buffalo Wild Wings, Moes Southwest rill, Yoga Factory, and Kawa Thai and Sushi!

Crumbl Cookies is coming to Millville

Crumbl Cookies is the leading national cookie chain whose business model is centered around delicious and unique large cookies, and utilizing a menu of only six flavors each week… with a menu that changes weekly.

They have an incredibly large and loyal following, and the anticipation of the upcoming week’s cookie varieties keeps the customers at the edge of their seats waiting… and then running into the stores when they see an exciting new flavor or one of their old favorites on the weeks new menu.

Crumbl Cookies Cherry Hill NJ
Crumbl Cookies – From Cherry Hill NJ

Take a high quality and delicious product, an innovative marketing angle for the menu, as well as significant social media support… Crumbl has grown from zero to 900 locations in just six years!

In South Jersey Crumbl has locations in Turnersville, Mount Laurel and Cherry Hill. A location is also planned for Mays Landing

Skechers Retail Store

Skechers is a footwear and apparel company based out of California.  They are the third largest footwear brand in the United States and they are opening a dedicated retail store in the Millville shopping center.

The location for the store will be between Kohl’s and Five Below.

It’s likely that most consumers are purchasing Skechers shoes and apparel from other general retailers and online shopping. That being said Skechers feel it’s important to have their own retail store identity and they offer a mixture of traditional merchandise stores, factory outlet stores and warehouse outlets.

In South Jersey they have a factory outlet at the Gloucester Premium Outlets, and Warehouse Outlets in Marlton and Cinnaminson.

Skechers is coming to Millville, located next to Five Below and Kohl’s

Currently the leasing company only lists the upcoming Millville location as Skechers, and does not offer any extra distinction as to whether this is a full retail store or an outlet variety.

In 30 years Skechers has grown into a major corporation with annual sales totaling $7.5 billion, and 5,000 Sketcher stores worldwide!

While the Union Lake Crossing marketing brochures, as well as the digital sign clearly celebrate the signing of Skechers, there wasn’t a lot of activity in the front of the unit… although the windows were covered so very possible construction crews could be accessing the space from the rear.

Inspira Health

Inspira is a large multi-hospital, medical center and urgent care health corporation based in South Jersey, and they are opening a new location in the end-unit of a separate building one-in from Delsea.

The specific unit is the former Pier One store, and is located directly next to Party City.  Boot Barn and Xfinity are also located in the same building.

A new Inspira Health location is taking over the former Pier 1 Imports unit.

With a variety of medical offerings in the Inspira Health catalog of business lines, but the size of the Millville unit would lean towards an Urgent Care or a specialty medical office

During my visit last week I could see that construction had started taking place, and in fact the entire extended parking lot area at the end of the building was fenced off for construction activities.

Cato Fashions

Already open at the Union Lake Crossing Shopping Center in 2023, Cato Fashions is a family owned business which brings high quality fashion accessories at affordable prices… All the time.

They have close to 1000 stores in 30 states, and work to stay true to the small town customer by offering own trendy styles, embracing all shapes and sizes, and giving each customer the quality intention they deserve.

Cato Fashions opened last year at Union Lake Crossing in Millville

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