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Morey’s Piers End of Season Schedule. Last Ride Day is Sept 27th. Curley’s Surfside Last French Fry is Sept 27!

Morey’s Piers End of Season Schedule.  Last Ride Day is Sept 27th.  Curley’s Surfside Last French Fry is Sept 27!
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UPDATE!   Mariner’s Pier open an additional weekend!   Morey’s must be having a great September as they just announced they are adding another weekend to Mariner’s Pier!   Now also Open Sept 25-27!   Check Morey’s Pier website for specific times!

As we sadly get closer to the end of the summer Wildwood season, the question always comes up on Social Media “When do the piers close? When does the boardwalk close?”… and with the presumably lighter crowds of COVID, it adds just a little more doubt to what will be open after Labor Day.

So to get to the heart of this, Sunday Sept 27th is the last day for Morey’s rides and food… well Curley’s Surfside comes back for one more weekend (26th and 27th).   Things actually things start changing up a few weeks earlier, right after Labor Day.  And while Covid has really shaken things up this year, there is a minor silver lining in that the way the calendar falls this year… Labor Day is the latest date it can possibly be… September 7th.

The online calendar for Morey’s is actually a very nice presentation, as they break things down for all of the key attractions… from amusement piers, to water parks, and all of the key restaurants and bars!  So, we’ve confirmed with Morey’s that their online schedule is fully accurate.  We’ll give you the link, but we’ll summarize some key things to save you from clicking through!

Here’s our run-down:  (all dates are subject to change, at the discretion of Morey’s.  We may have missed a detail or two. Check their website to be certain)

Already Closed:  Adventure Pier, Ocean Oasis Water Park, Stubborn Brothers Beach Bar

Rides and Attractions

  • All Morey’s rides are closed after Sunday September 27th.
  • Surfside Amusement Rides are open every day until Labor Day.  They will not open on additional days or weekends after Labor Day.  This is the Great Nor’easter pier.
  • Mariners Amusement Rides are open every day until Labor day, then stops weekday service.  They then open the next two weekends (Friday night, Saturday, Sunday day), with Sunday Sept 27th as the last day.
  • Raging Waters Water Park last day is Labor Day, Monday September 7th.

Food and Drink

  • Pig Dog Beach Bar is open daily through Sunday Sept 13, closed weekdays from there, and open again the last weekend (Saturday & Sunday 9/19 – 9/20)
  • Jumbo’s Grub & Pub and Wilhelm’s Bier Garden are open daily through Labor Day and open the next two weekends (Fri, Saturday, Sunday)
  • Joe’s Fish Co’s last day is Labor Day
  • Both Curley’s Fries are open daily through Sept 14 and are open the next two weekends (20th), and Surfside Curley’s comes back for the Sept 26/27 weekend!

Again this is our summary… I think its all accurate (except that Surfside Pier Curley’s may be open an extra Thursday.  But to double check my assessment, check the Morey’s website! )