Applebee’s coming to Gloucester Premium Outlets

The August 9th Planning Board Meeting at Gloucester Township included a discussion on adding an Applebee’s to the Gloucester Premium Outlet shopping center, which would be the shopping destinations first restaurant offering alcohol.

The new Applebee’s will not be in the main walkable section of the center.   There are allocated lots between Route 42 and the shopping center, designated as 2 different lots but able to fit up to 5 buildings, according to documents submitted to the Planning Board.   The developer is targeting restaurants, banks, and additional stores.

The new restaurant will 6,400 square feet and seat 225 people.   The hours are targeted to be till 11pm during the week and 1am on Friday and Saturday.

While the documents provided by the Planning Board reference a site plan, the nicely prepared PDF of all the documents does not include one.

It is a big win for the Gloucester Outlets, as a center such as theirs really needs nice sit down dining options that offer alcohol.   The Deptford Mall, which is their obvious largest competitor, has over a dozen dining options surrounding the mall and really enhances eating options for shoppers.

To close, while I am excited to see the continued growth in the shopping center, I’ll break from my usual “happy information only” writing style to say I’m a little disappointed that it’s an Applebee’s.   Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of Applebee’s and we visit several times a year.  I’ve had more than my share of their Perfect Margaritas.   Its just that in the 42Freeway readership area, there is one in every major town and neighborhood.  I would’ve preferred a more unique eatery for the Outlets… one that would make people drive a little to get to it.   I mean, if you are 2 miles away in Deptford, Washington Twp, or Sicklerville Cross-Keys, are you going to drive to the Outlet’s Applebee’s when you have one in your own town right around the corner?   People do drive to Deptford to go to Red Robin, Don Pablos, Red Lobster, etc.   Sales will be good at the new Outlet’s eatery, but I wonder if another restaurant would’ve had more success.


12 thoughts on “Applebee’s coming to Gloucester Premium Outlets”

  1. While I agree I wouldn’t go there just to go to Applebee’s, it might prevent me from leaving the Outlets because I am hungry and the food court is terrible (and I didn’t have a good experience at the Friendly’s there).

    My mom keeps hearing rumors about Cracker Barrel being built near the outlets. Is there any truth to that?

  2. Would like to see either a Cracker Barrel or Cheesecake Factory coming to the outlets I think it would be perfect

  3. I was told we were getting a Cracker Barrel across from Sams Bar & grill & we need one in this area. The closest ones are Penns grove & Marlton – I think the world has enough Applebee’s – they are like urgent cares- showing up on every block or open space. Maybe they have same owners.

  4. I agree, I wished for something different like a cheesecake factory! We have so many Applebees already, Deptford, Cross Keys, Black Horse Pike. I also.didnt have a good experience at Friendlys, I was just veey hungry and the cood court is overpriced and not.that good. Lets get a new restaurant!

  5. I too was disappointed to find out ANOTHER Applebees! We have so many in the area already. We need something new like what others have posted. Cracker Barrel or Cheesecake Factory

  6. Is it too late to change it? We have too many Applebee’s and there isn’t usually much of a wait anymore. I think it is a mistake because I think Applebee’s as a chain has been struggling. Could be another empty building before long.

    • Cindy it’s businessperson with millions of dollars who chooses what they are building. We (the public) don’t really have any say. The town leaders just approve things to makes sure the new construction complies to town laws but they leaders don’t pick the restaurant. My guess is it’s a company that owns many Applebees franchises so they have it down to a system.

    • I heard awhile ago that Cracker Barrel was going to go at site of empty gas station on Lakeland & black horse puke or at the outlets – -we need a Cracker Barrel on this are & do not need another Applebee’s in Gloucester township

      • I’ve heard that another restaurant is planned for the Outlets, but nothing official has been released or even who that other restaurant could be. Applebees and Cracker Barrel would be a nice combination for the outlets.

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