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The installation process for a massive temporary bridge in Bellmawr alongside Browning Road is slated to start next Friday (July 23rd), which will have the right lane of 295N closed from 10am to 2pm. This is just the start of a much longer project segment. NJDOT expects the bridge to be in use this Fall.

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The Browning Road temporary bridge construction effort in Bellmawr for the Direct Connection project is finally starting, as the bridge pieces are arriving any day. There is a possibility that the first section of the bridge will be “launched” mid-June!
In this post we also take a look at a May 19th letter from the NJDOT Commissioner regarding the Route 295 roadway failure

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A THIRD large road project for the connected 76/42/295 corridor is being pushed up to start THIS YEAR by the New Jersey Department of Transportation!  This new one is on 76 through Gloucester City, less than a mile north of the massive Direct Connect! To fully understand the project and traveler impacts, check out the article and diagrams!

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Last night a public Zoom video meeting was held with NJDOT Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti, to discuss the recent roadway collapse on the Direct Connect 295/42/76 Roadway project centered in Bellmawr. Topics also covered were the full project status and the Missing Moves project. All of the answers are not available yet, but the open communications from NJDOT was appreciated, and sets a path to ongoing public updates.

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NJ Department of Transportation is conducting a Public Direct Connect Project update on Wednesday, April 7th!  You need to register in advance to view, and you can submit questions in advance.  Plus, ANOTHER 42Freewway commentary/drone video in the article!

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On Thursday Morning March 25th, a large segment of retaining wall and roadway for the massive Direct Connect project for Routes 295 and 42 in Bellmawr New Jersey… collapsed. This post includes a Video analysis, theory and more on collapsed roadway and retaining wall. Plus some requests of NJDOT.. “I need the info”

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