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280,000sf Crown Point Logistics Center in West Deptford Starts Development.

280,000sf Crown Point Logistics Center in West Deptford Starts Development.
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Crown Point Logistics Center is a 280,000 sq ft new warehouse building under development in West Deptford, NJ. It is owned and being developed by Black Creek Group out of Colorado.

The location on Crown Point Road runs alongside Route 295, with access to this key Mid-Atlantic highway just a few minutes away.

The property is about a half mile South of West Deptford High School, and longtime residents will remember it was once the site of the Parkway Drive-In!

In my recent visit I saw that site grading work appears mostly completed with the raised dirt foundation laid out for the core facility. It also appears they are working on some exterior wall foundation elements in the back end.

Full color sign for Crown Point Logistics Center in West Deptford gives most of the details for the project which has started development.

The building is a “speculative” project meaning it was started without a tenant (or tenants) signed on.

This is a testament to how strong the South Jersey warehouse market has been along Route 295, as other area projects have also been developed an leased quickly in a similar fashion.

The Crown Point Logistics Center leasing is being marketed by NAI Mertz.

I shared emails quickly with Scott Mertz who is marketing the building, and he tells 42Freeway that a tenant has not been secured yet. If you are interested in this property, Scott’s contact information is at his Mertz broker’s page.

Crown Point Logistics Center Details and Approval

The large warehouse is expected to be ready in the first half of 2023, but of course if interested reach out to Scott at Mertz for more details.

According to the March 9th 2021 West Deptford Zoning Board Meeting Minutes, the project includes the following development details:

  • 280,000 SF warehouse
  • 28,000 SF of office space
  • 322 parking spaces
  • 38 truck loading spaces
  • 78 trailer parking spaces

It was stated that a use-variance was previously granted in September 2020.

Foundation work appears to be in progress at the Crown Point Logistics Center warehouse project in West Deptford

A 13 foot high wood sound wall would be added where the property buffers along Meadowcraft Road and Lansing Road.

The March 2021 presentation was to request full approval for development, which offered refinements to the initial use-variance request.

The project required approvals from various Government agencies including The Gloucester County Planning Board, GCSCD, NJDEP and NJDOT.

Traffic impacts were presented as 62-65 vehicles added an hour during peak morning and afternoon drive times.

Handling of water and other environmental impacts were addressed and approved by the responsible Government agencies.

Parkway Drive-In and General Engines

The larger extended property was home over the years to Parkway Drive-in Movie Theater and General Engines. In the 60s and 70s a small landfill was also in operation at the very south end of the property along the Woodbury Creek.

Parkway Drive-In

The Parkway Drive-In operated on on the property from the over 25 years.

According to Cinema Treasures website it opened on June 14, 1957 and closed sometime in the early 80s.

The screen for the theater was closer to Crown Point Road facing out.

For 40 years after the closing of the drive-in, Google satellite maps still showed the faint outlines of pie shaped parking area, including the lanes going across where cars would park!

The northern-most boundary of the property (which defines the angle of the new warehouse) was one side of the pie-shaped drive in theater property!

Google Earth Satellite image from 2017 shows where the Parkway Drive-In used to be located in West Deptford. Of course I added the screen location rectangle, but that faint pie-shaped outline was the area cars would park facing the screen! Look even closer and you can see remnants of the rows that cars were parked in!

General Engines

While the bulk of the warehouse building is being developed where the Parkway Drive-In theater was located, there is also a significant portion of the property which was home to General Engines.

General Engines was directly south of the drive-in theater.

The core business of General Engines at the site was the manufacturing of flatbed truck trailers.

Locals will remember a portion of the site required environmental remediation, which was attributed to a a small landfill located at the southern portion of the property along the Woodbury Creek. That effort to contain was completed in the late 90s and is not part of the new development project.

Links and Locations

Crown Point Logistics Center
1847 Crown Point Road
West Deptford NJ

Leasing Information: Scott Mertz (Website)