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Cape May Cycle Cruises! Pedal Powered Party Pontoon Boat Open for 2022 Season – Photos and Video

Cape May Cycle Cruises!  Pedal Powered Party Pontoon Boat Open for 2022 Season – Photos and Video
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Cape May Cycle Cruises is a pedal powered party pontoon boat and they are now open for their inaugural 2022 season! You can book online now!

We have photos, commentary and a video interview with one of the two owners Kyle, who explains it all!

First a quick overview of what to expect, but keep scrolling down for details and photos. Also like their Facebook Page!

Their first boat is named “Happy Hour” which is a 10 seat pontoon boat where pedal-power rotates the paddle wheel. But don’t worry… there is a motor also for a more relaxing experience.

The seating is configured for fun and conversation, with 5 people on each side of a long bar-top table featuring a cooler and drink holders.

This is a family friendly experience! Kinds under 18 must be with an adult and those under 12 must wear a life vest at all times,

An all new fun boating experience. Pedal-Powered boating with Cape May Cycle Cruises! We caught owner Kyle as he was getting the boat ready for his next cruise

The front of the boat also offers a lounge area. For larger parties they can support up to 20 people total.

Mention 42Freeway when booking!

You can book now online at the Cape May Cycle Cruises website, and if you mention you saw them on 42 Freeway in the comments when booking, you get a choice of a free logoed Cup or Coozie!

The boat is docked at an Ocean Drive marina behind the well-known Harbor View restaurant. The boat has a prime spot at the far corner of the outside deck area.

A huge added bonus is that before or after your Cape May Cycle Cruise, you can stop in at the Harbor View restaurant for lunch, dinner, or a drink!

Keep scrolling for photos, commentary, and the Video tour on YouTube.

You, friends and family having a great time with Cape May Cycle Cruises! Now Open at the Jersey Shore!

Cape May Cycle Cruises – The Background

Cape May Cycle Cruises is a partnership between two Vineland NJ friends and business partners, Kyle and Adrian.

Mark from 42Freeway caught up with Kyle on April 22, right before the season was starting.

Kyle shares that he and Adrian are lifelong friends have a long history with the Jersey shore and boating.

When booking, be sure you mention 42Freeway in the Comments field, for free Drink Cup or Coozie
Cape May Cycle Cruises!

While Kyle has a career as an ER Nurse, he also has his Captain’s license which allows him to operate the vessel with it’s large number of passengers.

Adrian seemingly has never left the water. He owns a fishing charter business in Cape May called Jersey Boy Charters (Facebook) and…

… Adrian is also a professional tournament fisherman for over 10 years, and has appeared in the Bassmaster Classics and FLW Championships.

With separate careers and businesses running smoothly, last year the friends decided it was time to start a business together.

Kyle has spent a lot of time working on the fishing charters which can be hard and messy work. Not that he is afraid of rougher environments, he is an ER Nurse after all… but it seemed that operating a party cruise boat would offer a good balance to their careers.

Cape May Cycle Cruises – The Boat

Their first boat is called “Happy Hour” and was manufactured right in the USA… in Oregon to be specific.

As mentioned, the full boat capacity is 20 passengers, with 10 cycle station seats at the bar.

Due to it’s capacity of over 6 passengers, the boat is Coast Guard inspected, the operators must be fully licenses as boat captains, and yes.. there are lifejackets available for everyone.

It’s a very safe boat with well trained staff and a licensed Captain.

Pedal-powered but there is a motor also! Easy on and off the flat pontoon boat!
Cape May Cycle Cruises. Book online now!

Being a pontoon based boat, it’s a flat floor with railings… stepping on is like walking on to a deck.

The boat is typically opened up to the warm sun, but their is a rooftop canopy which can be brought down for protection from sun or other weather.

There are two seating sections to the Happy Hour boat, and let’s just jump into the star of the show. The cycle station seats!

Cycle Station Seats!

In the back half section of the boat is the bar area cycle station seats.

I mean not like I have to point that out.. it’s very obvious! ha

As mentioned there are 10 cycle seats total, which this older body found very comfortable to sit on!

The Cycle Stations at Cape May Cycle Cruises!

They setup is ingenious as there are two rows of 5 seats which face each other.

Between them is a comfortable and nicely sized bar which was at the perfect height to casually rest my elbows on.

Each of the cycle seats has it’s own dedicated cup holder. It is a bay and ocean trip so there could be some rocking of the boat and you’ll want your precious craft beer secure!

Which is a good time to mention, they do not sell alcohol on the boat, but you can BYOB your own beverages, food and snacks!

Another awesome innovative idea is right in the center of the shared bar-top table is the drink cooler! You don’t even need to leave your chair to get another beer.

Honestly, I am thinking of building a table like this for my backyard!

Five friends on one side, Five on the other. Regardless if you know everyone going, you’ll be friends when leaving!
Cape May Cycle Cruises! Booking online now!

Front Lounge Seating

The front portion of the boat is called the lounge area.

It is more traditional box style seating arrangement which can accommodate up to 10 additional passengers.

So yes they can accommodate parties of up to 20 people, but typically that would be for private party reservations.

The core scenario for public cruises is the boat is sold for 10-16 passengers, and then the lounge seating area is available for those who want to alternate between cycle seats and stretching their legs in the lounge area when they want to.

The front of the boat offers lounge style seating! Cape May Cycle Cruises!

Bathroom is On Board!

“So Mark”, you ask. “It’s a two hour tour and we’ll be drinking beer and wine.. where do we go to the bathroom?”

Well Cape May Cycle Cruises has that figured out too, as there is a private bathroom on the boat!

And YES they have a bathroom on board at Cape May Cycle Cruises!

Pedal Power!

Most people’s mental image of a boat trip with adult beverage in hand, is one of complete relaxation.


Well for one, it is a lot of fun and the pedals and paddlewheel have been engineered to actually propel the boat without wearing people out.

But.. the boat does feature a large outboard motor which can be used whenever guests want.

Dual powered: Pedal powered or motor. Or even both! Cape May Cycle Cruises!

It’s actually a very simple yet smart system.

The cycle-powered paddlewheel sits behind the engine, and can be raised or lowered by the Captain.

If you want to use 100% pedal power the paddlewheel is brought down into the water and your team of friends starts pedaling!

If you don’t want to pedal at all.. the Captain can raise up the paddlewheel and start up the engine.

Lastly you can go with a hybrid approach where both are in use… so you can pedal, but maybe not so hard!

Bachelorette parties, family fun, whatever you decide. A great time for all! Cape May Cycle Cruises!

Overall this seems like a fun thing for family and friends to do (did I mention children are allowed?), and it’s owned by some local Jersey guys. Check out their website and give them a try!

Other Questions? Pricing?

Cape May Cycle Tours maintains a FAQ of all the key things you need to know!

Plus you can call with questions.

Pricing varies depending on the type of trip, time of year, and time of day. The online live-updating booking calendar gives all the pricing.

Links And Location

Cape May Cycle Cruises – Open and Book Now!
964 Ocean Drive
Cape May New Jersey 08204

Located at the Harbor View Restaurant Marina!

Website – Online Booking and Pricing!


Video! Cape May Cycle Cruises!

Don’t forget to mention 42Freeway when booking, for your choice of coozie or cup!
Located at the Harbor View restaurant Marina on Ocean Drive