Xfinity Store Deptford Mall Has Opened on the Outside Corner of the Dick’s / Sears Section

A new Xfinity Retail store has opened in the Deptford Mall, located next to the new Dick’s Sporting Goods in the remodeled Sears segment.  A new twist for the mall, the Xfinity store is only accessible from the outside of the mall and doesn’t open to the inside walkway, which for those carrying cable boxes in and out, probably makes this a good idea.

The exact location is the lower level corner of next to Dick’s… with the old Sears Auto Building out in the parking lot in front of it.

Xfinity Comcast has significantly increased their offerings and the store is a modern shopping experience to reflect.  Long gone are the Comcast offices of the past which took their design cues from 1963 Government offices.  The new stores are high tech, bright and relaxing.

Xfinity stores now sell an array of digital based products.. of course you can still pick up and return cable equipment, but the also sell mobile phone and home security and automation products, has a nice write-up of the offerings in a typical store.