What are They Building at the Mall? Deptford Mall and Gloucester Outlets Video Update

I am in several of the 42Freeway area town groups, and with all of the very visible construction at the Deptford Mall… a question keeps popping up “What’s going on at Sears in the Mall?”.  There also seems to be some confusion about where Dave and Busters is being developed with many confidently getting it wrong!  I realized in the past I’ve written about the individual projects separately (being the first to report on all three!!) but never as a combined “this is going here, that is going there”.

So the core of this post is actually a 7 minute video overview of the two big projects at the Deptford Mall, and the new building being developed at the Gloucester Premium Outlets in Blackwood. I show the current construction state of both projects as of Sept 21, 2019.   I also show the location of the Dave and Busters out parcel in relationship to the core outlets.

Well, direct to the point:

  • Deptford Mall
    • Round 1 Entertainment/Bar/Restaurant
    • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Gloucester Premium Outlets
    • Dave & Busters Entertainment/Bar/Restaraunt

I did the walk a couple times.. and was a little nervous.  Talked and walked myself out of breath! ha!


8 thoughts on “What are They Building at the Mall? Deptford Mall and Gloucester Outlets Video Update”

  1. Thank you!! I wonder why Dick’s is choosing to move? I would think they would do better in a stand alone store rather than in a mall…

    • It seems to be a trend with them… they are moving into malls all around the country. I think the main reason is the extra foot traffic. In its current location you’re only going into Dick’s because you wanted to. But.. i a mall thousands of people are in there every day for other things, and there is a significant chance that those people stroll into Dick’s Sporting goods.
      Also, leases expire and gives them opportunities to move on… and lastly the mall is probably giving them a fair deal to come on board.

      • Mark is spot on. As someone who used to design and work in project management for a national retailer, the mall locations (other than a downtown urban location with actual pedestrians) offer drastically much more foot traffic, especially mall stores with their own exterior facing entrances, of which Dick’s will have 2. It catches much more of the impromptu customer who had not planned to go there.

        Also the current Dick’s location is losing more traffic with the loss of ToysRUs and the other retailers in that center are not a big draw either. It’s often difficult to find a tenant to take as large of a space as a single floor of the old Sears at the mall with the current state of retail. I’m sure they were able to strike a pretty good that benefits both Dick’s & the mall! Happy to see all the progress.

          • wow… 25% of malls are expected to be closed in the next couple years. In our area Burlington is closed, Voorhees/Echelon is dead, Cumberland and Hamilton malls are close to dead. Deptford is 90+% leased… its biggest problem has been the outlet mall opening causing some stores to move over. My opinion… Deptford Mall is a bonafide success story.

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