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Verizon Moving Into Deptford Old AT&T Location!  AT&T Is Open Across The Street

An interesting twist in the wireless cell phone wars…  a few months ago the Deptford AT&T store on Hurfville Rd (Staples center) moved into their new building across the street next to the new Starbucks, and now we see that Verizon is moving into the old AT&T store building!  Verizon also has a store inside the Deptford Mall which has been there for decades.

I’ve been told unofficially that the old Deptford AT&T location was one of the top stores in the area.  So popular in fact that they needed more space and opted to move across the street to a larger, and more glass fronted building.  While it’s only across the street, it is a different traffic pattern to access that location.  With Verizon taking over the old building it makes you wonder how much sitting on a different corner impacts the success of the stores?!

The specific location for these stores is at the intersection of Hurfville Road and Deptford Center Road.  Also at this intersection are a Friendly’s, the Staples Store shopping Center (where Verizon will be) and the new AT&T store next to the new Starbucks.

Well it’s good to see the old building reopening so quickly after AT&T moved out.


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  1. Another Wireless Storefront –how many wireless stores do we need? It seems like wireless stores are overtaking nail salons as far as storefronts. I guess this shows just how profitable these businesses are.

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