The Laughing Fox Tavern Coming to White Horse Pike Magnolia. Taking over the Massive “Woodstone Tavern” Building

This fall The Laughing Fox Tavern will be opening on the White Horse Pike in Magnolia on September 19th, taking over the massive and closed restaurant/bar that was most recently The Woodstone Tavern.   The property was originally a $3.5 million dollar new development back in 2013 called Royal Cracovia.  The massive 16,000 sq ft restaurant was targeting a Polish theme originally, and it wasn’t long before the Woodstone took over.  Unfortunately the Woodstone Tavern also closed.

The opening for The Laughing Fox Tavern is stated as the fall, and their website shows they are hiring for a variety of roles.  Based on photos and comments on their Facebook page and Website it appears that they will be a casual bar and restaurant featuring pizzas, sandwiches and cold beer… albeit in a higher end decor than your typical local tavern.

We’ve been tracking the new incarnation of the restaurant since earlier this year when we saw the liquor license change hands.  Recently the official name surfaced as The Laughing Fox Tavern.  We’ve been in touch with management via social media, but haven’t been able to get details on the background… ownership, meaning of the name, etc.  The about us page on their website offers few details.

But we are excited for this restaurant and bar to come back to life, and we will be following along and offering more details as we get them.

For now, be sure to like their Facebook page!  Only 121 likes right now.  We can help them out!

The Laughing Fox Tavern
510 S White Horse Pike
Magnolia, NJ 08049


Facebook  Like their Facebook page.  Only 121 likes at time of this post!

3 thoughts on “The Laughing Fox Tavern Coming to White Horse Pike Magnolia. Taking over the Massive “Woodstone Tavern” Building”

  1. I went to Royal Cracovia once, the night of their soft opening. We had reservations. We were turned away at 7pm because they “ran out of food”.

    We went to Woodstone once, apparently not long before they closed. The meal was *terrible*, and they kept trying to apologize saying “we’re going through a menu transition”.

    Look, they were located across the street from a Walmart. If you can’t buy tuna fish for your patty melts, or serve straight up cream cheese instead of sour cream for dippable chips, something’s wrong.

    When driving home, my wife asked me why I was shaking my head and cackling.

    I told her how, in my head, I was having Gordon Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares-style conversations in my head about how you “don’t advertise on the menu that your burger is fresh ground angus then feed me a *bleeping frozen burger patty let alone on a store-bought roll that has the audacity to brand the *bleeping* restaurant name into the top next to crinkle cut fries from a bag with wilted lettuce” etc etc… I couldn’t stop laughing.

    ANYway… maybe this place’ll be better.

    It could also be cursed.

  2. This will be another crash & burn venture. It’s a very nice building in the completely wrong area. It will never be a draw no matter who opened up there. Just more foodie fools pi$$ing their money away thinking they can overcome the obvious location flaw.

  3. I hope you will have a night with jazz. Seems like Jersey always has to go to Philly.. South Restaurant in Philly is good for jazz. Check it out . Even one night a week with some good musicians could be a plus for drawing a crowd.

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