TD Bank at Rt 42 and Berlin-Cross Keys Road CLOSES Nov 15th (Across from Sam’s). Is Something Else Planned?

By my count, Washington Township has four TD Bank locations within it’s borders, not to mention that there are many surrounding the town.  But it’s still a little surprising that the TD Bank branch located at the busy corner of Rt 42 and Berlin-Cross Keys Rd (across from Sam’s) is closing on November 15th!   The area along Berlin-Cross Keys has seen a lot of development lately with new apartments, Cinder Bar coming soon, Royal Farms and other businesses… it’s a little strange for them to decide now to leave?  Although admittedly the drug store on the opposite corner has been closed a fairly long time.

But maybe that prime location is exactly the reason they are closing!?

We’ve asked TD Bank representatives about the reasons for the closing, and have not gotten an official answer (I will be emailing their regional corporate office this post, and asking them).  But everyone has noticed for years that directly next to the TD Bank is a 17 acre plot of prime commercial real estate, and someone has been cleaning up that lot recently… and you start wondering could the closing of the bank be connected to this property?  Is something bigger planned which made an offer lucrative enough to get TD Bank to sell?  Adding to the fun, the owners of the 17 acres own other prominent properties in the area and one of them is moving closer to development.

That paragraph above is the closest thing to a rumor that I’ve ever posted…  but there are a lot of things that make you wonder about this closing (and writing this out has no impact on business and jobs, like other “Did you hear so-and-so is buying whats-its-face property and closing it down”?   🙂

We’ll be reaching out to both TD Bank and the property owner of the 17 acres next to TD bank to see if they have anything to say.  But I can’t twist people’s arms to talk and can almost guarantee I don’t get any answers.

So in summary; the bank is closing, not sure why.

Let me know if you’ve heard of any planned projects and I’ll see what I can confirm.  Thank you!

TD Bank
2700 Rt 42
Washington Township, NJ


7 thoughts on “TD Bank at Rt 42 and Berlin-Cross Keys Road CLOSES Nov 15th (Across from Sam’s). Is Something Else Planned?”

  1. I read on a local facebook page several weeks ago that it was closing so they could build a new “mall”. I’m assuming a mini-mall/strip mall.

  2. I know, really wishful thinking, but I’d love a Costco to come to this area. Seems like the lot plus the TD area are about the same size as the Sam’s across the street. Obviously, I’m sure Sam’s club wouldn’t like a direct competitor moving in next door. Just trying to think what this section of town doesn’t have, and at this point, there isn’t much left.

    • Patrick.. they were planning on coming to the new Richwood development at 55/322 in Mullica Hill.. but that entire project has been dragging and never started. I think they’ve now lost the commitment!

  3. The “sell for money” rumor is completely legit. I used to work for this fraud of a corporation and I can tell you that they are all about the bottom line. Even in quarters where we’d have billions of dollars in profit, the company would still layoff people so that the VP’s could still hit their expense targets for the year to get their bonuses. And poor branch managers are held to the fire to meet sales goals. You can’t even walk into a branch now without someone trying to sign you up for a credit card or talk you into taking out a loan. It’s awful. I feel sorry for the folks that work at this branch. More casualties so that TD can grab some more cash.

  4. I heard it’s going to be a Super Wawa to replace the Wawa at Johnson Road. I heard from a nearby business owner.

  5. I was just curious if there are any updates on what will be replacing this bank and possibly filling the lot behind the bank?

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